Xbox Live Bans Straights as well as Gays

Following on from yesterday's "Lesbian Ban" scandal on Xbox Live, Gamers test out Microsoft's terms of service to see if they are discriminating against homosexuals - but Microsoft are swift to drop the banhammer on Gamertags that use the term "Heterosexual" and "Straight" in their bios.

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Arsenic133617d ago

It still isnt right if someone just writes that they are gay in their bio. Its about themselves. Instead of just scanning for words that are "not nice", have the person who bans read the dam content.

Doctor_Doom3617d ago (Edited 3617d ago )

However, there is something we all know called Myspace or Facebook . if they want to have a serious relationship they should go there.

TheTwelve3617d ago

What's this? Me agreeing with Microsoft?

It's true: How you choose to have sex and with whom you choose to have sex isn't necessary information in a gaming environment, especially with children around.


Raz3617d ago (Edited 3617d ago )

"No sex please...we're a multinational corporation."
Fair enough. If you discriminate equally against everyone; I guess you're in the clear.


DJ3617d ago

You act like kids have to be kept in an ignorant little bubble. They're smarter and more intuitive than you think; just think back to when you were a kid. You got exposed to a lot of things at an early age, and still turned out fine, right?

ThanatosDMC3617d ago

HAHAHHA!!! Great picture. I thought he was gonna try something sick with his sister's son. I mean, the guy wants to have an incest relationship with his sister. Till Maximus stabbed him in the throat!

The movie's Gladiator, btw, for those that didnt know.

incogneato3617d ago

i think its good. theres no reason to bring up your sexuality at all. gays are always trying to shove their gayness in everyones faces. in videogames there is no reason sexuality should even come up.

smturner683617d ago

Your face is more offensive than ANYone's sexual orientation. Christ Almighty!

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Mike134nl3617d ago

At least we know that Microsoft is trying to keep it clean on xbox live.

Furthermore I don't believe that sexual prefferences belong on a social gaming network. (Just use a dating website)

Finally deleting that stuff might protect some people from themself

clinker3617d ago

So that's it then: Once Microsoft bans all of the straights and gays, it will only be fanboys left on Xbox Live.

Anon19743617d ago (Edited 3617d ago )

Their egos just swell and swell until they're big enough and they split making more. Fascinating, really.

Bnet3433617d ago

Wait, if fanboys are not straight or gay, then what are they? o_0

Jerk1203617d ago

Oh give it a damn rest.

Zeus Lee3617d ago

I think if you're paying $49.99 a year you should be allowed to state your sexual preference in your profile.

At the end of the day though,it's their service and their terms,so if you don't like it,find another service.

Bnet3433617d ago

Grasping for straws again are we?

TheTwelve3617d ago (Edited 3617d ago )

It's called "Gamertag" not "Iliketohavesexlikethis - tag".


ChickeyCantor3617d ago

" Iliketohavesexlikethis "

Since when did it become that?
Stretching it are we?

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