Evil Avatar: Resistance: Retribution Hands-On

Evil Avatar writes: "Resistance jumps platform and jumps developers for a new third-person outing. It's time to see how things are shaping up.

Resistance 2 may not quite have been what I wanted from the sequel but with the fresh outlook and, being perfectly honest, the complete lack of new games for the PSP I can't help but feel excited about this new PSP outing. The game is an intermediary game between the two first-person shooters currently available on the PlayStation 3. Rather than sticking with Nathan Hale and that particular viewpoint we have a new character and an over-the-shoulder camera."

The Good

* All the familiar Resistance features scaled down extremely well for the PSP.
* Great visuals with plenty of detail.
* Exciting fire-fights that feel like a real change of place.

The Bad

* Might end up being a too easy.
* If too much of the gameplay focuses on the Chimeran conversion centers things might end up repetitive.
* Grayson's accent is just a little too cockney.

The Ugly

* The lock-on occasionally decides upon the wrong target

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