No-Brainer: Mind Games 'Don't Boost Memory'

Electronic brain training games do not sharpen the mind or boost the memory, experts have said.

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Si-Pie3523d ago

Well its so funny these articles are because Ive seen articles that say different so my question is who do you believe? Id like to see some evidence of someone actually testing it over a period of time instead of a bunch of scientist saying it does not work without putting it to the test. Not so long ago the Gadget show in the UK tested the DS brain training over a period of 6 weeks and found it did indeed improve the memory. You can watch it here

They also tested the wii fit on it so watch it through.
Ive also read other articles in the past that tested the brain training and they found it worked. Surely doing some must be better than doing none?

OhReginald3523d ago

idk about those "experts" ...but nintendo's brainage really helped me a lot. especially with my memorization and multiplication/ division :)