Rumour: Climax working on Silent Hill remake for Wii

VG247 understands that UK developer Climax is working on a Wii remake of an the first Silent Hill.

Konami has declined to comment on the talk.

Few specifics are known as yet, but apparently motion control's been included for torch functions.

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Voiceofreason3520d ago

I see the usual troll is here to make some comment that has nothing to do with the article..

Anyway ignoring the trolls, this is great. I now know not to even bother with this game. Built for the weak PSP, plus it is a remake of an old game. I'll pass. But I am sure when the game bombs it will be because the Wii is a casual console not because Wii owners dont want 7 year old ports rebuilt for gimped handhelds and just thrown on Wii as an after thought.

Kushan3520d ago

Uhhh...this has nothing to do with the PSP at all. It's a remake of the Original Silent Hill from the PS1, to my knowledge that never ended up on the PSP...

whitbyfox3520d ago

This has nothing to do with the PSP mate. And besides, this is great news if true. Being able to point the torch/gun with the Wiimote and having the radio static build up via the remotes' speaker will only add to the atmosphere. It worked for Resi 4 Wii...

thor3520d ago

"The remake is the Wii and PSP project you can see there."

It's coming to PSP as well. Hence why it's in the PSP channel. Pay attention folks!

_Q_3520d ago

Don't do it Konami!
Make it for PSN! Just clean it up a lil
I'll buy it I swear!

Reibooi3520d ago

Now i love Silent Hill but WHY would you remake the game for the Wii?

The game needs a Next-Gen remake like Capcom did with Resident Evil on the Gamecube. Having a game where you have to flail your arms around when you are supposed to be scared will make the game lose any Survival Horror element.

GFahim3520d ago

just stfu, seriously.

Arsenic133520d ago

Hes completely right. It needs to be made for the PS360. So you stfu, seriously.

CobraKai3520d ago

I agree with reibooi. Putting it on a true next-gen system would create a truly haunting atmosphere that wouldn't be capable on the wii. But that would be too expensive, which is why they put it on the wii.

GFahim3520d ago (Edited 3520d ago )

a nintendo console hasnt got a single silent hill game yet and so its about time at least wii get one. why dont you play with that crap silent hill 5 game on the so called next generation systems you loser.

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