GDC 2007: Mad World of Gears of War's Marketing

Pretty much anyone with a television or an internet hook-up has seen the Gears of War Mad World trailer. Today at GDC's "Merging Art and Marketing: A Look Inside the Gears of War Visual Marketing Effort," Tim Dean, art director at Studio ZR, and the artistic architect of the trailer, spoke at length about the process.

Dean's role inside Microsoft is to be an art advocate, which means he tries to get higher-ups doling out dough to support his product. For the Gears trailer he said, "We wanted it to be a strong emotional piece. A real juxtaposition between images and music. Something people would see and wonder: is this a movie? A video-game trailer? What is it?"

Dean's goals for the trailer were three-fold, and he hopes those goals extend into all game marketing.

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Rasputin20114244d ago

Allot of game dev/producers can take a page out of GOW'S book because Epic really hit the gaming industry with a knock out punch because honestly did anybody see a massive GOY candidate coming? Like it looked like it was going to rock BUT I never thought it was going to be as big as it turned out to be.

PS360WII4244d ago

Was that it was in "Donnie Darko" a brilliant movie that if you haven't watched it yet you need to rent it now. Also it was an older punk rock song that was re-done nicely ^^