Videogamer: Tornado Review

Videogamer writes: "Tornado on the DS absolutely knackered my wrist, to the point where I had to put the DS down and stop playing after about 10 minutes. The fact that I wanted to stop playing anyway, on account of Tornado being frustrating and tiresome is beside the point. One of the golden rules of game design is: games shouldn't make you feel pain. They're for fat lazy gits like me, after all. Tornado doesn't just break this golden rule, it uproots it and sends it spiralling towards the Land of Oz.

Tornado is such hard work because you spend the entire game repeatedly drawing circles with the stylus on the touch screen. If you stop, your tornado loses power, eventually fizzling out into nothing more than a light breeze. So you can't stop. You have to keep drawing circles, working that wrist into oblivion."

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