Boomtown Review: Eternal Sonata

Boomtown writes: "There's a big problem with beauty. When there's too much of it about, you start to almost yearn for something ugly just to break the monotony. You start to pick at the corners, you start looking for dust, for any sign of normality.

Eternal Sonata, or 'Trusty Bell: Chopin's Dream' in Japan, is painfully, achingly, deeply beautiful. My Goodness it's beautiful. Running in proper high def, your eyes will bleed it's so beautiful. I swear, when I switched the game on for the first time, my console started spewing pink sugar and rainbows. Example - the outflow in the sewers of the town of Ritardando, one of the early environments, is so sparklingly clear and fresh you'd think the townspeople pissed the finest French mineral water. Wow."

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Reshun3521d ago

The only thing that's stop me from buying this game is that the main character Chopin, is basically in his dream world in his dying bed.. so the end of the road seems like it's set straight to where I think it's going.

Just don't want to see a fatal ending for main characters in RPGs..

SupaPlaya3521d ago (Edited 3521d ago )

in the traditional sense, as they don't exist in reality. As the name of game goes, "Eternal" just means they live on with his spirit forever...

I will be picking this game up after the price drop. Not paying full price for a game out that long ago. Not supporting timed exclusives.