New Wii Controller Revealed

Edge writes: "Nintendo has release an image of its new Wii controller, dubbed Classic Pro.

The image above, released onto Nintendo's own website, shows what essentially looks like a bulky classic controller with additional prongs, together resembling the GameCube controller layout or even Microsoft's own Controller S."

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Robearboy3577d ago

And people think Sony and MS are they ones who rip people off, so far we have the wii remote, then wii remote exention for better controls, a wii steering wheel for mario kart, several different types of guns, a wii balance board, now a wii control pad, im sure there will be a fishing rod coming out soon as well and i wont be surprised if we see a vitual wii boy mark 2 and a wii screen magnifier to watch games in HD

thereapersson3577d ago

lol @ wii screen magnifier

qface643577d ago

last time i checked most of those things are OPTIONAL ya know if you want em but don't need em
compare to microsoft
60 dollars for a wireless headset that 20 dollar wired one is complete trash
100 freaking dollars for a basic wireless adapter?
50 dollars for a 251/500mb memory card
20 bucks for a tiny 64mb card
20 bucks for a control charger
and more to that
allot of the stuff except the wireless adapter you really need to get the full experience of the xbox im just finding this out now and going broke because of it

at least sony got things right by packaging most of this stuff in the ps3

IdleLeeSiuLung3577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )


They are all optional, just like the Wii's. Nobody is forcing you to buy it. Why complain?

edit: yeah, Wii never ripps you off for a $10-20 piece of plastic called the Wheel. The Wii itself is a rip-off compared to the competition.

qface643576d ago

i have to get the wifi adapter because there is only one phone line where i live and its too far away for me to use ethernet the wii the ps3 the ds and the psp all have built in wifi compared to 360 they don't have it
my 360 controller doesn't read batteries after 1 week so getting the play and charge kit was the only option now it works fine
and the cheap 20 dollar headset broke in one week after using it 4 times now my only option is buying that stupid 60 dollar headset since 360 doesn't support bluetooth

do i need a plastic wheel to play a game? i don't think so

IdleLeeSiuLung3576d ago

I had none of the problems you are having. Perhaps you got a dud, take it back to the store.

Also, I highly recommend you buy enerloop rechargeable batteries instead of the play'n charge kit. You can just pop them out and replace anytime, no need to use the long wire to charge the controller. Those batteries also loose considerably less charge sitting around. You can leave it fully charged for a year and it will still have at least 50% charge.

If you want a cheap wifi setup, buy a router that is capable of bridging or go for a linux firmware capable router (if you are technically inclined).

Those are suggestions, but still MS is not forcing you to buy anything and they did not falsely advertise or fool you into buying a 360 or it's accessories. Perhaps you should have planned a little. I do agree that Wi-Fi would have been nice and I'm all for lower cost, but these additional costs are MS way of making money considering they are giving you a HD gaming console for less than $200 in the US. I have frequently seen 360 as low as $160, that is a whole $90 cheaper than the Wii and almost half the cost of a Wii.

For some reason, nobody talks about how much better value the 360 Arcade represents over the aging PS2. Aren't Sony ripping us off there... bottom line, every company is trying to rip you off.

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Robearboy3577d ago

I dont know about you but when i bought my ps3 all i got was a console a control pad, i blu ray dvd version of I am legend and a scart lead

Like you say all of the things you listed from MS are optional too, i havent bought any of those apart from the extra wireless pad and charger and mine works pretty fine

qface643577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

yes and no you need a headset because xbox is the system that touts its online superiority its one of the things that make the xbox experience good and without a headset your just missing out
wireless isn't a needed but if your a heavy wifi user like myself it is at least wii and ps3 have built it wifi i had to spend 100 extra dollars to get that since that ethernet cable is so tiny
memory cards are needed but not much since you get some mb's built in now

you don't need any of that wii stuff since the wii comes with a wiimote controller and this new control is just a revision to the classic controller

the ps3 comes with everything built in except a headset you can get one FOR FREE by just buying a game

Voiceofreason3577d ago

When I bought my Wii I got everything I needed for gaming in the box with no need to buy any other products. Whate exactly was your point again? Oh yeah right you want to judge companies based on some lame double standard. You do not need any of the otional PS3 equipment and that is fine but some how you are required by law to buy ever piece of equipment offered for the Wii.. Complete BS.

jtucker783577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

Wow, that is very similar to a PS3 controller!

Why would Nintendo do that? Normally they are the ones innovating with controllers. (No sarcasm intended)

I thought they were leading a controller revolution. They already have the classic controller and GC controller support.
Why support a fourth?

Are they looking to get some more core gaming customer support?
The Wii-mote works better than a dual analogue for FPS so why this?

ChickeyCantor3577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

ugh, its meant for Virtual console, and the likes.
Its also up to the developer to pick their control scheme.

Don't pretend stupid will ya.

btw wouldn't Sony's only innovation be the dual analog, and 4 shoulder buttons? And funny thing about them....they are derived from the SNES/n64 pads =D.


rumplstilts3577d ago

Theres a fool in our mists it would seem. You sir fail to make a good point.

IdleLeeSiuLung3577d ago

To me it looks like a GameCube controller with small changes and a major color change to ugly white!

N4g_null3576d ago

LOL wouldn't it be funny if SONY gave nintendo rights to do VC games for the PS1 and 2 LOL, or at least DVD based VC games LOL... would be funny. I still don't know about this one....

ChaoticStupid3576d ago

It looks like a Snes controller with a few mods. Much like what Sony based the PS controller off of. Good design. No reason to stop using something just because someone else stole it.

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ChickeyCantor3577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

The analog stick is misplaced, bleh.

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