411mania Review: Street Fighter IV

411mania writes: "Every genre of video game has a recognizable character or series that one would instantly think of when it comes to the specific genre. For RPGs (Role Playing Games) it has to be "Final Fantasy." For sports it's "Madden." However, when it comes to fighting games, none and I mean no other series is more recognizable than "Street Fighter." Sorry "Dead or Alive," "Soul Calibur" and "Tekken," I love you guys to death, but in terms of recognition, "Street Fighter" is the king. Ryu, Ken and the gang have been around for nearly two decades, showing the world that it's possible to fuse MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and supernatural forces to have a great experience. No other word in gaming history is more popular than "Hadoken." If there is, post a comment, as I am curious to know myself."

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