Sony Interviewed about ''Home"

The semi official Sony blog Threespeech put some questions to Sony about Home, one of the main revelations of Phil Harrison's keynote speech at GDC.

First up, here's some key points about Home that they provided:

• Is the first of its kind on a computer entertainment console
• A unique blend of community, user-generated content, collaboration and commerce that is the future of computer entertainment.
• Will broaden the online community market in the same way that the PlayStation brand has broadened the gaming market
• Will take the mystery and the geekiness out of online interaction, and make it as easy as text messaging or picking up the phone
• Is inclusive and welcoming, not exclusive and daunting like current offerings
• Is the gateway and start point for a whole raft of future PlayStation Network services

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Juevani4245d ago

But isn’t Home a rip-off of Xbox Live?
“Home is a first of its kind 3D community that allows for open interaction between consumers, SCE and third party partners. It is a truly interactive, global community of users. Xbox Live is a static, 2D, text-heavy environment that can’t match the rich community features found in Home. Xbox Live community interaction is much more passive and limited to the members on that friend’s list.”

there u have it u was wondering.

Bad_Karma4245d ago

will definitely be an awesome experience .

shadowxcore4245d ago

lol wth... calling XBL "2D"

and "take the geekiness out of online interaction" ?
how much more geeky can you get by hiding behind a virtual avatar.
if they were able to do facial grafting onto a character, like Vision, then it would be different. but i cant even imagine the number of annoying little kids that will be running around people, screaming their heads off in the lobbys or something.

ill admit its a really cool concept, but we'll have to see how it will do

Devastator_oftheweak4245d ago

I have XBOX Live gold, and there is nowhere where I can control a personal avatar to walk to other people's houses or go to the movies. I know that I can't go to someone else's house and watch tv on their tv on XBL. Where is the ripoff again? Oh you mean playing games with people online, right that was Microsoft's domain. Whatever man.

Home is one of a kind, nothing like it yet.

timmyp534245d ago

Home is nothing like xblive.

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The story is too old to be commented.