Thunderbolt Review: Jak 3

Thunderbolt writes: "Beautiful organic landscapes, sun kissed oceans and traditional platform gameplay are among the things I do not associate with this game. Jak & Daxter are back (contrary to what the title would have you believe) and for better or worse their third instalment in the beloved series has undergone yet another transformation. In terms of structure however, the game is still highly comparable to that of Jak 2 with the hover board, extensive weaponry and eventually Haven City making a welcome appearance. Your first port of call however is a vast and mostly barren desert wasteland, after the climatic events following Baron Praxis's downfall; Jak is cast out of Haven to the mercy of the desert by some less than friendly new government figures. Those pining for the lush simplicity and platforming offered by the series staple entry The Precursor Legacy will once again have to look elsewhere to appease their taste."

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