Digital Life Review: Killzone 2

DL writes: "Expectations for Killzone 2 have been impossibly high among PlayStation loyalists ever since Sony provided a (controversial) glimpse of the game when unveiling the PS3 in 2005. Fortunately, few will be disappointed by this outstanding shooter.

While it could be accused of being overly bombastic, players will be thrilled by the game's exciting battles, astonishing presentation and epic scale."

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Eiffel3520d ago

I pre-ordered. Hope to get it in the mail tomorrow.

ps12&3lover3520d ago

cant wait,,i saw a clip where if you stay still when you pick up a sniper you turn invisible...dats gonna be crazy

Pennywise3520d ago

I have mine paid for but cant pickup until tomorrow. I just went into blockbuster and rented it. lol


ryuyasho3520d ago

picking it up @ Gamestop... TONIGHT!!!!

Traveler3520d ago

I should have mine tomorrow. I can't wait.

table3520d ago

its actually underrated by a lot of websites. u'll see what i mean when you play it!

Traveler3520d ago

What does the reviewer mean by overly bombastic, btw? That doesn't really make sense to me. Nice score nonetheless.

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The story is too old to be commented.