Microsoft suit over FAT patents could open OSS Pandora's Box

Microsoft has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against TomTom alleging that the device maker's products, including some that are Linux-based, infringe on patents related to Microsoft's FAT32 filesystem. This marks the first time that Microsoft has enforced its FAT patents against the Linux platform, a move that some free software advocates have long feared could be disastrous.

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Kushan3521d ago

Even if this went through, it wouldn't be completely disastrous. Linux has long since moved on from FAT32, there's a plethora of alternative filesystems it supports now. The biggest issue would be things like USB sticks, to which about the only "universal" format these days is FAT32. Still, nothing stopping you installing an NTFS module on *nix, I suppose.

CrayzeeCarl3521d ago (Edited 3521d ago )

NTFS is owned by Microsoft also, but there are so many other options out there like ext2, ext3, ext4...

You would think we would have gotten away from FAT32 by now anyway, with the 2GB limit.

Kushan3521d ago (Edited 3521d ago )

It's a 4Gb limit and the difference is the NTFS driver was clean-room reverse engineered for Linux (Which apparently means they can get away with using it or something).

tudors3521d ago

so mant lawsuits fired at MS it was only a matter of time before they fired back.

claney3521d ago

Just what i was thinking, it is all about the IE and OS bundle
Microsoft get stupid lawsuites at them so they just go find there patents and hit these other companyies back, its going to start a war from Microsoft if they dont withdraw this IE sh1t (which they should do anyways lol) or get found agaisnt

mistajeff3521d ago

why is this making me WANT linux?

edgeofblade3521d ago

It shouldn't. You have to be a tin-foil hat wearing idiot to think Linux is worth the trouble of using linux on a daily basis. Just use a mainstream OS and save yourself a lot of trouble. Every time I try linux, my computer using habits outgrow the OS within an hour.

Viper73520d ago

Or you could just try Ubuntu which is pretty good and newbie friendly Linux operating system. But word of warning for those who prefer wlan/wifi for their network there can be a bit of tweaking to get it work, but if you managed to install it(the wireless connection) might not be as hard.

There are many flavors of linux, some are for the real hardcore pc users who want to tweak every tweeny bit of their computer, some are hell of a lot better for older computers than any windows up to this date so might as well try xubuntu and give your 5-10 years old pc a new life and then there are these that fit for just about everybody whose not really all that in to pc gaming.
(linux can run some games trough wine but its usualy best to play games on the os it was designed to)

DJ3521d ago

Toss a bunch of lawsuits to kill them off, especially if it's open source.