More Huxley Videos

Gamespy has various videos including one of a in-game demostration showing one of the towns in Huxley. A guy is also explaining other various things about Huxley including how offline play for the game will be available.

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CrizzleC245816d ago

This is an old video thats been around since last E3 (E3 05).

Majunior5815d ago

maybe old but has everyone seen just tryin to get people pumped about this game...

BOOSTIN5815d ago

this site is for NEW NEWS not old crap we've all seen. please dont let this forum turn into a "well i know its old but i really like the upcoming _____ game" people on this site have already seen that crap. take it to another 360 site that isnt as informed on 360 news as this one is. maybe they wont have seen it already.