Moore Talks Xbox Growth, Evades Handheld

Microsoft's VP of gaming discusses the "monstrous growth opportunity" of the Xbox business and says that "profits will come"; Live Anywhere, HD-DVD, a larger HDD, price drops, Square Enix, and competitive advantage.

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Silver3606324d ago

Microsoft just seems to get it. I hope this is not just a senical ploy to get us on their system then start acting like sony. Right now I am very happy with what they have done so far. Peter Moore has his head in the right place. No jokes plese.



i'm a little pissed about the way he's talking about the backwards compatability. He sounds like a sony employee or something!

ssj046324d ago

backwards compatability? i dont think 2 or 3 games are consider as backwards compatable... hahhaha

Moostache6324d ago

My PS2 has never been used ONCE to play any of the 100 PS1 games that I kept. I have played parts of Splinter Cell and Rainbow Six 3 on the 360 and put in HAlo just for kicks, but in all honesty, I still have an XB and I still have a PS1 for that matter, but the reason I buy a new console is for the new games period.

Who does backward compatability really appeal to in the first place? I guess people who broke their original system or want to try to sell the original but keep some of the games (in which case I ask why sell the original system then? if someone is THAT hard-up for cash, they probably shouldn't be gettign a new system anyway...)

I honestly could not care less if a system was BC 100%, 50% or 0%. It just doesn't matter to me.


i just feel that microsoft need to not promise something they cannot deliver, thats the only thing that annoys me. I chose the 360 because of microsofts general respect for gamers compared to sony's endless lies.

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Unity Announces Revised Pricing Policy Following Massive Backlash From Developers

Today Unity revealed a rather radical change to the new pricing policy announced a while ago, following the massive backlash from many of its developers and the wider gaming industry.

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Vengeance11382d ago

Too little, too late, you're dead. Trust is gone and not coming back.

MWH1d 18h ago

It's ugly, but I think they deserve a second chance only because they, at least, admitted they took a wrong turn, and they want to straighten things up. unlike for example, Nvidia.

Remember, competition is good for the consumers. we don't want them to go out of business, but to do things fairly.

bunt-custardly1d 15h ago (Edited 1d 15h ago )

It's only a matter of time until something else disagreeable becomes policy. The stage has been set. Stone has been cast. Can't rewind time like you can in their game engine.

savedsynner1d 15h ago

Not sure why the downvotes...probably people who have 0 dev experience(or socialists lol). Competition is essentially for quality products.

KwietStorm_BLM1d 15h ago

Get out of here being logical and level headed on the internet. You can only spread hatred and be obstinate with zero exceptions. Obviously nobody being overly dramatic and critical has ever made a mistake. Otherwise they wouldn't be so quick to place permanent judgement on anyone....

mike32UK1d 13h ago

Absolutely not, they've been proven to be chancers. The only reason they are doing a 180 is because they know the alternative is to keep getting shit for being greedy ultimately leading to their failure as a company

anast1d 12h ago

Corporations need to be treated harshly if you want them to change, of course.

notachance1d 12h ago


Game development is very costly and takes very long time, only a fool decides on the core engine purely because “muh healthy competition” and risk the chance of Unity making another shitty decision down the line and ruining years of work.

babadivad1d 6h ago

They have lost all trust and there's no coming back.

JackBNimble1d 4h ago

Would you give someone a second chance if they walked up to you and kicked you in the nuts?

Why does unity deserve a second chance? They only walked this back because of the backlash, give them a chance and they will only try it again.

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savedsynner1d 15h ago

Eh, they are a HUGE game dev engine. Def not dead but massive PR blunder.

ABizzel11d 15h ago (Edited 1d 15h ago )

It’s definitely not too little too late. Companies have been making crazy decisions this entire generation and people have moved right past it.

PS5 Price Hike, XBL Gold doubling in price, Series Price Hike, Games going for $70, etc…. It’s in the news and media for a month or two, then the vast majority of people and gamers don’t care anymore as they move on to the next news topic. Meanwhile, those who games using the Engine are the ones who have to actually do the communicating and work to make sure the solution is fair and balanced for all parties and so they can continue their work. If there is no resolve for all parties after this then there’s no coming back.

What they did do is give Unreal Engine 5 an unneeded advantage over them which was the most ignorant thing they could have done.

Rebel_Scum21h ago

I think you underestimate how long and badly a lot of users on here hold a grudge. They’ve got the sharpest axes.

I agree with your not too little too late sentiment. Everyone makes a bad decision at some point. Let’s see if they can rectify and improve in a way that benefits them, consumers and developers before we start frothing at the mouth.

neomahi1d 9h ago

Sounds familiar doesn't it? Like when Don Mattrick invited everyone to Redmond to unveil a certain console. Phil Spencers been and most definitely his right hand man Executive Fanboy Aaron Greenberg (Head of Marketing - Why would you put a guy like this as your head of marketing, honestly) have been caught in the same thing. Phil Spencer's just as bad and as much of a two-faced about faced liar as Don Mattrick, they just put his under bite more. He's obviously not as stressed because he's packed on a ton of weight sitting as his desk with his feet kicked up playing his Switch and shoving his mouth full cause he's fat now too

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shinoff21832d ago

Pretty much. Any devs future games should not start on unity. They've shown their cards like ms with the original Xbox one reveal.