Moore Talks Xbox Growth, Evades Handheld

Microsoft's VP of gaming discusses the "monstrous growth opportunity" of the Xbox business and says that "profits will come"; Live Anywhere, HD-DVD, a larger HDD, price drops, Square Enix, and competitive advantage.

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Silver3605840d ago

Microsoft just seems to get it. I hope this is not just a senical ploy to get us on their system then start acting like sony. Right now I am very happy with what they have done so far. Peter Moore has his head in the right place. No jokes plese.



i'm a little pissed about the way he's talking about the backwards compatability. He sounds like a sony employee or something!

ssj045839d ago

backwards compatability? i dont think 2 or 3 games are consider as backwards compatable... hahhaha

Moostache5839d ago

My PS2 has never been used ONCE to play any of the 100 PS1 games that I kept. I have played parts of Splinter Cell and Rainbow Six 3 on the 360 and put in HAlo just for kicks, but in all honesty, I still have an XB and I still have a PS1 for that matter, but the reason I buy a new console is for the new games period.

Who does backward compatability really appeal to in the first place? I guess people who broke their original system or want to try to sell the original but keep some of the games (in which case I ask why sell the original system then? if someone is THAT hard-up for cash, they probably shouldn't be gettign a new system anyway...)

I honestly could not care less if a system was BC 100%, 50% or 0%. It just doesn't matter to me.


i just feel that microsoft need to not promise something they cannot deliver, thats the only thing that annoys me. I chose the 360 because of microsofts general respect for gamers compared to sony's endless lies.

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The story is too old to be commented.