Resident Evil 5: Will This Be a Next-Gen Experience?

Come March 13th, Capcom's highly anticipated Resident Evil 5 horror fest will be flying off retail store shelves worldwide. Ever since the initial announcement of Resident Evil 5 for the next generation consoles, assumptions of how it will look and play have been talked about extensively.
Today millions of PS3 and Xbox 360 users are experiencing Resident Evil 5 for themselves in the form of the recent game demo. While the visuals are nothing short of amazing, the gameplay and controls have been in serious debate.

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TheHater3574d ago

It a last generation experience with good graphics and probably a good story with horrible physics and animations. That basically sums it up for me and several others I know.

DavidMacDougall3574d ago

I'll probably sound like a broken record but i was looking forward to this for the co-op but the controls have ruined it for me, so no its not in my opinion

drewdrakes3574d ago

If you played the old resident evils then the controls shouldnt be too surprising. Get used to it, its how theyre made. You have to stop to shoot, shut up and move on.

TheHater3574d ago

have you played Dead Space? There is a demo on xbox live and the PSN. Go download it and compare the two control for the two games. In both games you have to stop to shoot but Dead Space controls is leaps and bounds ahead of Resident Evil 5.

II Necroplasm II3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

No they changed it, you will be able to move and shoot. You will have the option to change.

Capcom did listen to alot of the feedback they were getting and updated the game.

Hiruma Youchi3574d ago

did you aslo dislike the controls in the 4th ?

nix3574d ago

lol.. only to those who've been living under a rock! theHater has summed it up perfectly.

SL1M DADDY3574d ago

The last bit of news I heard was that Capcom shot down any rumors of this new control implementation. Do you have a more recent link stating that they are moving forward with the run and gun controls?

Host Samurai_3573d ago

If RE5 is last gen, than what does that make for your over hyped and overrated SHOOTAN GAEMZ that all play the EXACT SAME for 10 Years? RE5 only had ONE prequel that played the same while ALL games play like your beloved Killzone 2 which is as generic as generic gets and plays like a Xbox1 game.

There are way too many hypocrites on this board and are just blinded Bald Space Marines.

incogneato3573d ago

Agree with you completely. Pretty much everything in this game was done last gen by RE4. Capcom didn't even try to make it look like a current gen game. It's just RE4 in HD and it feels so crappy.

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Shadowolf3574d ago

Necroplasm I hope you're correct, many gamers hope you're correct.

II Necroplasm II3574d ago

I hope I'm correct too lol. It would be so much better but I played the demo enough I got use to it

But nah that's what one of the members of the design team stated about the update in a video interview about Resident Evil 5.

Shadowolf3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

Hiruma Youchi to answer your question I thoroughly enjoyed Resident Evil 4 in 2005, no doubt. However, during the 4 years gap of RE4 and RE5 a plethora of gaming control mechanics with new innovative styles have been experienced. Today gamers are slightly unhappy with the feel of RE5 which is the same ole' stiff control scheme offered up in the RE series. After playing a game like Left 4 Dead and then throwing in the RE5 demo the feeling is like night and day. RE5 feels somewhat lethargic in comparison despite showcasing incredible visuals. In all honesty I believe RE5 will be great but I do feel the series is being held back from what it could be.

Baba19063574d ago

splitscreen coop is pretty next gen for me and online gaming too. so yeah for me this is pretty much next gen horror action survival.

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The story is too old to be commented.