Little Big Planet - Killzone 2 Pack?

If you look on PlayStation Blog's Flickr page you will see Helghast and Sev sackboys.

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Blademask3521d ago


2 more DAYZ!!!!

Doppy3521d ago

Please don't sell this on PSN. I can't buy anymore of these I've spent way too much money on LBP costumes already.

Sev3521d ago

This shouldn't come as a surprise.

PlayStationLifeStyle included it in our weekly rumored PS Store content...


BTW - PlayStationLifeStyle relaunch coming next week!

DARKDRAGON2543521d ago

Gamestop here in NY is doing a midnight launch. woo!

MisterNiwa3520d ago

Lol you guys fail! I already enjoy the Multiplayer since a day and before the Servers gone online i enjoyed Bot Matches. :D

Well seriously, KILLZONE2 is ownage. ... I should play the Single Player more.. lol

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ape0073521d ago

I played kz2's mp for a quick 2 hours

and my god it's one of the best mp games I've ever seen\played

truly amazing,it will suck the majority of xbox only player

every shooter fan will die to play it

It will rais ps3 sales a lot

chaosatom3521d ago (Edited 3521d ago )

Just people playing the game at a friends house or word of mouth will spark interest and hopefully it can one day be recognized just like the halo brand is.

Gambit073521d ago

Hey, I see Kai on that link! The most underrated hottie.

Parapraxis3521d ago

I'm still hoping for a sequel.

xabmol3520d ago


rockleex3520d ago

You're sort of a cat yourself... kinda.

A Lombax right?

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The story is too old to be commented.