Freeze-Proof 65-inch Sony TV

Sony's TV division has apparently decided that the next great feature in televisions has nothing to do with image contrast, brightness, or green efficiency standards. Instead, they're going to make rain- and freeze-proof TVs.

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xwabbit5323d ago

This will come in handy when I'm playing outside in Antarctica

ape0075323d ago

that will make you feel warm if you played kz2 on it in the middle of a snow storm LOL

MGOelite5323d ago

lol why sony why? way to waste R&D costs sony

pwnsause5323d ago

its not stupid. if you would think for a while what you can do with this, then you would understand. I'll give you a hint, an Outdoor Restruant, theme parks, airports....

Sibs5322d ago

...Playing underwater in a pool!

krouse935323d ago

This would work great for an outdoor TV at a bar or restaurant.

Kyur4ThePain5323d ago

But some people can't see past their noses and that will never occur to them.

XLiveGamer5323d ago

Yup that's the reason why. The media its changing and Plasma / LCD screens are going to be more cheaper everyday. Its a good medium to promote your store sales.

kparks5323d ago

this will be great for so many uses..... the discription makes it sound like a dumb idea lol

Synex5323d ago

Sadly TVs are still going to need covering because of theft, or so people don't break the screens.

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frayer5323d ago

"Sony's new stupid piece of sh!t." lol. Have a laugh ya.

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