X-Play: Mr Sark: 5 Things We Love About Killzone 2

Mr Sark stops by the set to talk about the five things he loves about Killzone 2, including Running, Sniping, The Shotgun and more.

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ToastyMcNibbles3520d ago

dammit i want this game NOW!

xryls3520d ago

your not alone buddy.

Blademask3520d ago

I cant stand them, and would hate to give them any $.

midnight + game = zzz... although i base that on MGS4.

ToastyMcNibbles3520d ago (Edited 3520d ago )

i went to a target nearby earlier today but no luck lol the wait is killing me...i think one of the things im excited most about in regards to the multiplayer in killzone 2 is the whole clan i play a lot of shooters and from what i have played i havent seen a setup like that where you can have clan matches and bet points, rank up and all that stuff...i think thats awesome and definitely makes clans mean something in multiplayer as opposed to just having a clan tag and thats it...i have plans to set up a clan called "The WaffleStomperz" lmao add me up guys i would definitely like to play with people from N4G
PSN ID: IAmToastMan

Sackdude3520d ago

i ll have to wait, until march 5th.

RAGE, RAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!

Nonsense 4 Gamers3520d ago

I want this game SO bad!

You could say the wait is... uh "Killing" me

ThanatosDMC3520d ago

I remember this Sark guy saying that he didnt like Killzone 2 as much and compared it to another game on a previous video.

animboo3520d ago

wait till march 13 to get this game..waaaah...

cyberwaffles3520d ago

the wafflezstomper? do you have a thing against waffles? lol. seriously though, i cant wait for the clans and tournaments to get up and running too. im starting an all-american clan because one time me and a whole bunch people started trash talking on youtube on how america could whoop britain. the brits got pissed so they said they will start their clan against us and we will be official rivals in the future. man im loving all the perks to this game i didnt even play it online yet.

Nicolator3520d ago

seriously.... i have been sat in my flat all day thinking of what i am gonna do with 400 pounds i had saved up.. for a rainy day .. i have a 360 no ps3 and i so damn wanna play this game on my tv in my house ... i am fighting all the demons that are telling me not to buy this game but seriously its MEGA TEMPTING .. i am 60percent of me wants to just close my eyes and buy a ps3 and kz2 on friday.. seriously i just cant miss this shyt..

ToastyMcNibbles3520d ago

lmao awesome how ironic that was haha but hey when youre the toastman waffles are your rival... i say we battle in killzone 2!

rockleex3520d ago

I can't believe X-Play has the ability to get me excited about Killzone 2 even more than I already am! >_<

fozzyhull3519d ago

and its gooooood,had the mp beta but the final seems to be more reponsive in the kills and stuff. 1 word AMAZING

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Abash3520d ago

I might be able to get Killzone 2 tomorrow. Man I hope my retailer gets the shipment

ELite_Ghost3520d ago

getting mine def tomorrow, i know the owner of his private game shop, he has it on him right now

SmokingMonkey3520d ago

custom soundtracks

in game invites


and ive been reading the guide

the custom class system is simply AMAZING
Scout/Medic Heavy/Medic so many possible custom classes


War. Perfected.

platanero1883520d ago

theres in game invites?
how do u invite?

SmokingMonkey3520d ago

i just read it at work to day
it's in the upper right hand corner of the KZ2 box where all of the features are listed. custom soundtracks? that's awesome

platanero1883520d ago

yea im a little stupid.,..

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