X-Play: 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand Review

In short, forget what you've learned about 50 Cent games in the past. Somewhere in the beginning of the development process of Blood on the Sand Fiddy himself sat down with the developers and said, "Seriously, don't embarrass me this time. A bad show? A bad album? It happens, but this is a video game, and my friends are going to play it. Make me look good."

Is it derivative? Yes. Is that a bad thing? No.

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Trollimite3547d ago

it really good. the gamming worlds hatred turned coal into a diamond

Blaze9293547d ago

the game is actually good! wish people would just play this and stop bashing it automatically becuase its rap and focuses on 50 cent

kparks3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

I bought it and i must say this could possably be one of the better SINGLE player games of 09.... Now maybe the thought of the game sucking could of made the game seem even better. i am on my second play through its really fun by yourself or online co op and if your hatting on 50 dont im not a big fan but you soon look past that when the game gets going. its got good graphics a great cover system lots of guns good funny taunts that you control when he says them so you not cussing every 3sec...and if you are a fan its got a ton of good songs! ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT IT PM ME... O and i passed this game 4 times before i baught it lolhaha... and to be honest if the story was not so far out there and it had a kick a$$ multiplayer it could of been the best game i ever played!!