David Jaffee: Biased questions from MSNBC reporter fixed

David Jaffe in a post on his blog writes the following: "Hey- here are the questions- rewritten in a way that I found much more acceptable and professional- from the MSNBC reporter in question. I am still planning on doing a Skype interview with him, so that should be great! I will tell you his name then.

Meantime, a big thanks goes out to him for taking the time to rewrite these in a way that- for me- changed them from biased to non biased (don't wanna get back into that debate again, you guys know my definition of biased so take it or leave it).

So here are my answers in full, just as a safe guard that they not get taken out of context. Hey- I am fucking paranoid after all these years, what do you want?!?!

Ok, here is the email exchange:"


My pardons to David Jaffe for the typo on his name.

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SasanovaS7773526d ago

just because you change the way fices looks dont mean it wont smell bad

TheHater3526d ago

that is so fricken true.

Lifendz3526d ago

Good interview in my opinion.

SasanovaS7773526d ago

yea the questions were unbiased definitely....thats if he turns around and only takes the most negative things in every paragraph and publishes it without finishing jeffes sentences...because as seen in the past, robots tend to have that habit

Blademask3526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

"8. Do you think PS3 feature cutting shows any lack of original vision on Sony's part, or that the console is innocently adapting to meet the needs of the market? It seems like it could go either ways, but given the console's struggles, I tend to think it could be more of the former. Thoughts?

Well again, you need to explain why you think the console is struggling. I am not saying it is the super duper amazing success that the Wii is. Clearly, it is not. But to say it is struggling when it’s $200 dollars more than the competition


and has still sold 20 million units in this rough economy and has an amazing library of games


and one of its exclusive games just won the BEST GAME OF THE YEAR award from the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences…


I dunno. I am not trying to spin you here at all. But 'struggling' is an odd word. I don’t know if it’s really the word you are looking for and if it is, perhaps you can elaborate?"

2 more days animals!

Death3526d ago

Roughly what is it, 18 million vs. maybe 14 million? Still, more is more. I'm not sure if the price point was a huge issue though. It was almost 2 years before the Xbox 360 was reduced from $499 for the Elite, $399 for the Pro and $299 for the Core. The PS3 went from $599 to $399 within the first year.

As for still selling well in this rough economy, since the economy really started hitting hard, sales have decreased significantly. The bulk of Sony's sales occured prior to the economy tanking.


DJ3526d ago

Versus 17.7 million for the 360's first two years. And the Elite SKU for Xbox 360 was priced at $449 when it came out, not $499. It was sort of wierd for Microsoft to actually raise their price tier from $399, but they balanced that out recently.

TOSgamer3526d ago

Actually you guys are both wrong. The Elite was released at $480 and then dropped to $450 when the Pro went from $400 to $350. Also the PS3 went from $600 and $500 to $500 and $400 in its first year. This is the price it is still at if you include the 160 gb PS3. In other words there was no $200 price drop on the PS3 in the first year. Just $100.

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Elven63526d ago

Well the reporter isn't a gaming journalist so perhaps he didn't know any better? Another case of "mainstream media gaming"?

BGDad3526d ago

I read this one not the MSNBC one... Biased media can go fly a kite...

kingOVsticks3526d ago

I missed the first article about this. So can some1 please post a link to the bias questions before they were adjusted?

3526d ago
kingOVsticks3526d ago

thanx man

yea,that's a defiantly clean up from the previous questions

rockleex3525d ago

EVERYBODY(okay, not everybody) on N4G spells "definitely" as "defiantly".

Example: I would most "defiantly" buy Killzone 2 on its release date.

Excuse me, is someone pointing a gun at you and forcing you to buy Killzone 2? Ahaha.

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