New Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II Mod

This mod by Dark Pikmin Productions adds over 3 hours of new content, consisting of cut dialog, voice overs, and professional voice acting, TSLCR provides the ultimate TSL experience.

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Elven63525d ago

Not the restoration mod :(

KotOR 2 would have been so epic had Lucas Arts not rushed the development cycle, poor Obsidian, it was their first project to boot!

greatjimbo783524d ago

It was a shame yes, but! in hindsight it's not that bad a game, it just had a lot to live up to.

Tony P3524d ago

Been waiting for the full restoration for ages. Not a huge deal since we've had many great games to play in the meantime. Still, I hope they finish up this year.

yamamoto1143524d ago

I can't make out anything in the mod description. All I see are a bunch of foreign acronyms. I have no idea what this mod does.

If these guys were in business marketing their company would tank.

CAPT IRISH3524d ago

whats with all the mod articles lately?

Microsoft_Spokesman3524d ago

Well, Bloodmask doesn't think his N4G score is high enough.