IGN: Scratch: The Ultimate DJ First Look

You've got your Rock Bands and Guitar Heroes to cater to the rock and roll, metal, pop, and punk crowds. There's even the long running DDR franchise for those that like J-pop and techno. But where is the mainstream hip-hop game? Activision has DJ Hero on the way but details on that project have been nonexistent. On the immediate horizon, though, is Scratch: The Ultimate DJ from 7 Studios. Like other music rhythm games, this one comes with a set of licensed tracks and a custom peripheral. Unlike others, that music features hip-hop artists such as Mix Master Mike and Kanye West and a turntable peripheral designed by DJ equipment maker Numark.

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Serjikal_Strike3613d ago

I just hope its not gonna be some $200 set up...
i'll dish out a $100 ..thats it!

Myst3613d ago

Mm, I still kind of like beatmaniaIDX (I think that's the title?) still, though I may give this one a look over depending on the tracks. Though I hope it will have some J-Pop ones that the American version have. Doesn't matter to much to me as long as their is somewhat of a balance :).

By the way, need a DDR for PS3 and 360 that will have online play and co-op as well as DLC similar to RB2 and GH:WT. Had to bring it up since they put it in the article and my mind started to go to work :).

guest23594d ago

this game could be cool-