TGR News Roundup: PSN Fights Back, New 360 Exclusive?

The PSN has hit an important milestone in the war against XBL, but, not to be outdone, the Xbox 360 may have revealed an all new exclusive.

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NeverforgetNES3615d ago

It's about time the PSN got competitive with Xbox Live. lol It's only been how many years??


which isnt that bad considering how long xbox live has been around. So just laugh at yourself, and who cares about Lost planet 2, played the first one on xbox and had fun with it for a little while, wasnt anything special.

Blademask3615d ago (Edited 3615d ago )

1 exclusive vs... I've lost count.

Wait its on the PC too. So its not even exclusive.

3615d ago
thenickel3614d ago

I want to thank you for typing two sentences versus 5 paragraph rants on 360 lol. You sit here all day and knock anything 360 which is hilarious to watch because honestly I don't see how any human (sane human) could possibly be so hateful over a fraking console. Alot of people dislike the PS3 and have there many reasons but you don't see them talking so much crap about it. You sir are the biggest loser and will most definitely be here for some odd reason friday rather than playing KZ2.

rockleex3614d ago

You are a joke.

Nobody spends as much time bashing the PS3? Maybe because you AGREE with them, so it doesn't sound like bashing to you.

There are fanboys on both sides. None is better than the other.

Btw, I still don't get why 360 fanboys come to bash the PS3 on PS3 articles(same goes with other fanboys).

Deadman643614d ago

Does PSN have a friends list yet?

IaMs123614d ago (Edited 3614d ago )

Now someone made a great point. LP1 might not have been the greatest game but was Killzone1 far from it? Now look at it Killzone2 (as i have heard) freaking amazing and stuff setting the graphics bar up a notch, redeeming KZ1. Now why cant LP 2 do this? How is this so different from the Killzone series??

Uh since when was this just a PS3 article? i found this through the Xbox360 section

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DK_Switch3615d ago

Sony has a lot of lost ground to make up. I hope they can do it, though ... I prefer a close game to a blowout every time.

Viewtiful3615d ago

I think we're finally starting to get that. I hate this "timed exclusive crappola." That will all go away once a company knows it can make a profit off of both systems with a simultaneous release.

Blademask3615d ago

Would you not accept it? And how do you explain that to the board of directors?

iTZKooPA3615d ago

I hate that they are allowed to pay people off like that...

JokesOnYou3615d ago (Edited 3615d ago )

Sony over the years have bought alot of independent studios, making them 1st party. Micro stated a year or so ago when they let Bungie go independent that they would no longer focus on "owning" studio's, instead they would seek out talented devs and look for opportunities to bring games/content to the 360 platform= different business strategy both with pro's & con's, which is better is open for the end its just a question of do you want to pay the devs light bill or do you want to own the lights, ha ha either way both company's are "paying" smart people to make games for them.


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cain1413615d ago

I'd expect PSN to have a lot of users. It is free, which is quite nice...

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italianbreadman3615d ago

Wooooo!!!!!! I rocked MATHCOUNTS back in the diznay

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