Warhawk PS3 Home Area will be available on Thursday

Sony has today confirmed that the long awaited Warhawk 'Command Centre' will be released onto Playstation Home this thursday. The news came during Sony's Destination PlayStation event that took place recently.

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yoghurt5323d ago

I don't know about anybody else, but I feel Sony are on a real buzz at the moment, a real roll....it just seems announcement after announcement, and with great games launching at the same time

Keep it up sony

randomwiz5323d ago

Sony always had and always will have the best first party stuff anywhere(nintendo over did it), and also the best developers ever. Its no wonder a Sony first-party title is an instant hit.

rockleex5322d ago

Choose which HomeSpace you want to start in, from the XMB.

For example, I want to enter the Warhawk Space. But I don't want to load up Home, and press start, then choose map, then choose Warhawk Space.

I want to have the ability to directly load up into the Warhawk Space, or any other space, from the XMB.

Goon 1875323d ago

Home is geting better by the minute!

Rip-Ridah5323d ago

Just continue evolving HOME Sony. There will be so much content in the future that we won't know what to do with it all. Keep up the good work SCEE!!

5323d ago
olivia5323d ago

yes i'am addicted to warhawk so home seems even better

ape0075323d ago (Edited 5323d ago )

just great

gotta respect the home team

wish more and more keep it up :)

off topic:I just played kz2's mp for 2 hours straight

all I can say is,ps3 will be the most wanted system

amazing truly amazing online mp

shelbygt335323d ago

it still has quite a long way to go, imho. I deleted Home from my ps3 about a month ago and haven't seen anything yet that would make me want to reinstall it.

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DaTruth195323d ago (Edited 5323d ago )

Home is so boring.......... yawn

Jager5323d ago


Or, as his multi accounts go:


Mods, ban above. Just Joined, and already trolling.

DaTruth195323d ago (Edited 5323d ago )

No trolling here sir

Just giving you my two cents about home.

I never logged in home for over a month because it's so boring.

To even enjoy home you got spend a lot of money on items.

Plus it's really laggey at times and theirs alot of glitches in home.

I don't think this warhawk space will make me jump back on it.

ToastyMcNibbles5323d ago

dude you dont need to spend money in home to enjoy it...home is NOT a game...its a place for you to socialize...if you dont wanna log in dont...play some games and pretend home doesnt exist

xTruthx5323d ago

He may have multiple accounts but he doesn't tell the truth like i do :). I like Pie :)

creatchee5323d ago

Maybe his way of saying it isn't exactly the best, but he does have a point - Home isn't really my cup of tea either. This thing has been in beta for quite some time and it still doesn't have the really cool stuff (like trophy rooms and in-Home game launching) that made it look promising. I myself don't log onto Home - I'd rather be playing games.

gta28005323d ago (Edited 5323d ago )

DaTruth is just that mad that no one talks to him on home. And that's DaTruth.

5323d ago
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Max Power5323d ago

something new i can go and check out.

Mr_Luke5323d ago

I hope SCEE will start doing something for us too, cause other than FarCry 2 and Red Bull there's nothing else.... and i guess this one will be for USA only or so, as usual (and maybe next year for Europe).
But where's the famous private room with 3D trophies? Still waiting for that...