Video Games and the New World Order

The eye is watching you. Game Website's are owned by corporations. For example is owned by CBS. is part of a huge network of sites owned by IGN entertainment group. is owned by MTV Networks who is owned by Viacom. Now think for a second what to all these corporations have in common? They all make their money from advertising.

Advertising is at the heart of all media and if fanboys want to take shots at the so called "biased media" then be my guest, but I honestly think they have it backwards.

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theKiller3523d ago (Edited 3523d ago )

The Zeitgeist the movie is not 100% accurate, in fact its backed up by the Illuminati(an accult group related to worshiping the antichrist which happens to have have 1 eye).
Zeitgeist dont have good intentions and tries to manipulate people by shows 70% truth and 30% lies!!!

u guys should watch "The Arrivals", it covers up all the info related to arrival of jesus,antichrist,al-mehdi,zion ist,freemasons/masons,new world order and the dark secret devilish religions!!
these devilsh anti god and pro satan people control most media and entertainment in the world and try to control us by the media and entertainments, and oww yeah britney spears and much more is covered in this series!

here is the link of "the arrivals" in youtube


very very good article, i will bookmark this site!

The_Zeitgeist3523d ago

Hey I know not everything in the film is fact. I have looked all the religion stuff up. Most of it is true. Some of it is false. For example Horus is not of a virgin birth. Overall the film is very accurate, especially with the 9/11 and Wallstreet parts. Have you seen the 2nd Zeitgeist? That one goes into greater detail about the world bank and the money system. It also goes into theories of how the world can use technology to solve all the problems of the world.

Myst3523d ago

Sure most of you have been here anyway, but dropping the link.

StoneySweatLeafs3523d ago

I never thought about it that way before. Man the whole world is a corporation!

bunbun7773523d ago

Tis true. Did you all here the new story yesterday or some time ago where a gentleman opened up one of the new digital conversion boxes for tv and found a mini cam and recorder. Google is working on apps that allow for computers without mikes installed to pick up noise, (dont ask me how).
I have to read the story in depth and then tell you all why Rothschild and Rockefeller, the TC and the CFR are bad news....just kidding go find out yourself ;P

StoneySweatLeafs3523d ago

You get it!!!!!
The world is a stage.
I am shocked to find out that Gamestop is owned by CBS. Those illuminati bastards have their hands in everything.

Myst3523d ago

For those who don't have time to look or don't want to Rothschild and Rockefeller (to put it simply) are trying to control global economy from a conspiracists point of view, because in essence once you control the money you pretty much control everything. :)

TruthbeTold3522d ago

The camera in the digital converter box thing was a hoax. The guy who did it was playing off of the fears of people who are pointing out other "conspiracy" theories that have more weight to them.

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n4f3523d ago

in the conduit mr. ford have a gadget call ASE( all seeing eye)...
for those who dont know this gadget can make you see thing you were not suppose to see...

TruthbeTold3522d ago

The Conduit story inspiration is an amalgam of many conspiracy theories. They have a huge book on the subject that they used as a point of reference. I love that kind of stuff, and can't wait for the game.

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