Bad Company 2 release date revealed

If you follow the banner on the official site of EA to pre-order Battlefield: Bad Company 2, you can see the release date of the game. You will be directed to the official online store Gamestop.

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ALL_STAR_283525d ago

HELL YEAH!! cant wait for this game was a big fan of the first....

Serjikal_Strike3525d ago

loved it and cant wait to check this one out!

Rofflecopter3525d ago

the first one just came out not that long ago. am i the only one that thinks its a little ridiculous that they are already releasing a sequel?

ALL_STAR_283525d ago

haha COD gets a new one every year and sports games come out every year so no i dont think its to soon... id be with an enhanced bad company with more features as long as it has the same gameplay ill be happy

Sircolby453525d ago

I thought the first one was great as well. The only thing that I would change is that they need to add more game types!!!

majorsuave3525d ago

Good thing that they make this one on PC as well, I had to skip the first. My hands don't want to play shooters on consoles.

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SAiOSiN3525d ago

i played the first one's demo. i loved it a lot, i just never got around to buying it. i just hope they stick with the destructible enviroments and maybe uprade the graphics a bit. they're releasing it at a bad time though. i will be playing killzone 2 for a while, then cod:mf2. they should release it in the may-july area. but whatever. it's still a purchase.

thedarkvault3525d ago

just put the fricken date in your story summary.

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2FootYard3525d ago

I'm not too sure about that.

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The story is too old to be commented.