Myriad of "HOME" Screens

Lot's of new screens from Playstation HOME not featured in the trailer.


More under alternative sources, including Killzone and Lair trophies.

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Devastator_oftheweak4269d ago

Kick ass Sony you rock, check out the theatre scene, notice they are talking about watching Spiderman 3 thats awesome, I'm waiting for you Sony, bad ass!!

FirstknighT4269d ago

Get a life!....Oh wait, you'll be able to now with this home feature. The land of the insecure and dorky!

techie4269d ago

Oh first night really showing your maturity. This HOME is for all ages and all people. Just get out.

OOh wou;dnt it be weird if you met like terrorists and stuff and became friends and invited them into your homes... lol it's possible!

Drew4269d ago

I really, REALLY hope that's not an actual model for Killzone 2. Because if it is... ... ...=/.

techie4269d ago

No of course it isn't. Go and look at the Lair model on the alternative source.

techie4269d ago

Yuh! it's bloody free! jeez

Devastator_oftheweak4269d ago

Just because you love sucking on Bill gates , maybe all of us other people who aren't Microsuck sheep like a little variety. Just because Home makes XBOX live look like sh*t.

Home will be an awesome feature for the casual and hardcore gamers, not only for those playing games but for meeting people to play games with, share content and enjoy life. Maybe just cause you have 10,000 kills in Gears and you have no life you feel vengeful to those excited about something other than [email protected] 3. Get a brain, a girlfriend, a blow up doll, a prostitute, something but get out of here.

I'm Out!!

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