JustPressPlay: Valkyria Chronicles Review

Taken from review:

I was once skeptical, but I was quickly won over. With its captivating characters, engaging plot and addicting battle system I do not regret plunking my hard earned money down on Valkyria Chronicles. Granted this game came out late last year, but a good RPG is a good game forever. So run over to your local game store and buy a copy of Valkyria Chronicles now. If you don't get it your inner gamer will hate you for it.

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Hallucinate5216d ago

pff this site its bias..this game deserves a 10 =D

JadedWriter5216d ago

I gave this game a higher score than the majority of the major sites so eat it. Besides I gave MGS4 a bloody 10, Uncharted a 9, Folklore a 8.9 and a slew of other PS3 titles high scores. Bias I am not. Why don't you read the review and see how much I gushed over the game. The overall score isn't anything unless you read the review.