The PlayStation Home messages are back

TheGamingOwl Network writes:

After reading an article about new videos in PlayStation Home, I went to check them out. After watching, I checked if there were any new 'messages' in my virtual PDA. Take a look at the pics below. What do you think it hints?

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Cajun Chicken3524d ago

I saw these 2 nights ago. I have no idea if anyone has reported these ones.

This is really intrueging me now.

ALL_STAR_283524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

not new.... or newsworthy

LukaX233524d ago

Not only that, but it is newsworthy considering how many people are still talking about it in the forums.

ALL_STAR_283524d ago

i saw this on the playstation forums like 2 days ago but whatever it still is interesting whatever the hell is goin on in home

caliblue153524d ago

I reported it, no one listened..

proArchy3524d ago


Gambit073524d ago

This means alpha testers are using the elevators, which they are not suppose to, duuhhh, everybody knows that.

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The story is too old to be commented.