Killzone 2 Breaks PS3 1st Party Pre-Order Records

VGChartz today recieved confirmation in a discussion with Sony Computer Entertainment America that Killzone 2 is the highest pre-ordered first party PS3 title to date.

SCEA looked at the pre-order data two weeks out from launch for Killzone 2 and measured it against the same timeframe for its other major first-party titles including LittleBigPlanet, Resistance 2

First week sales of Killzone 2 are expected to exceed previous Sony titles such as LittleBigPlanet and Resistance 2

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darthdevidem013574d ago

Before all of you shout at me n say why did you quote Vg Chartz.

well Vg Chartz had a discussion with SCEA has said this to them....its not Vg chartz claiming this throught their own data

HDDVD183574d ago

why would SONY contact a site like VGCHARTZ which is banned all over the net

plus all their numbers are fake too

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3574d ago

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TheHater3574d ago

the numbers because I am curious to see the figures.

darthdevidem013574d ago

Well Vg Chartz are saying they will post "early sales" once they have figured them out.

maybe that will be the first rough estimate of what sales could be eventually.

otherwise NPD is only 2 weeks away anyway

HDDVD183574d ago

Why would SONY contact a banned site like Vgchartz?

Vgchartz will post Fake sales made from the as* of ioi

I am a KZ fan. KZ2 will do huge numbers but vgchartz is just a fake website. just look at their ps3 sales nums and x360 sales.

PS3 sales are curved down by a million atleast

arika3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

i just saw killzone 2's position on amazon shoot up from 11th place now its on the 3rd and by tomorrow its going to be the first.

2 more days to go until we experience war perfected!

get a copy now before you get exiled from the battlefield. lolz!

marinelife93574d ago

Last report was 1.1 million in European pre-orders has anyone heard any American numbers?

sonarus3574d ago

Sony seems to be content with mediocrity. Poor advertising and marketing won't allow this game to reach full potential. Having more preorders than R2 or LBP is not impressive by any standard. Not impressive at all. if they could claim more pre orders than MGS4...then that would be a different story

HDDVD183574d ago

Kizzy 2 will sell more than mgs4 globally first week.
u can count my words on that.
i expect 1.5 m/2m first week sales

TheHater3574d ago

have you seen a Killzone 2 commercial yet? I have yet to see Killzone 2 commercial. Sony need to fire their marketing team and hire a new set of marketing employee's.

Blaze9293574d ago

well...duh. even if this is false, shouldnt be a surprise to anyone that Killzone 2 will be the highest 1st party ps3 game pre-ordered.

UnSelf3574d ago

just picked up my copy abuot 3 hrs ago, and havent put the controller down yet!!!

6% trophies and im up to the 4th lvl.

im doin my best in tryin not to go into the MP but its killin me!!

if u live in NYC PM me and i tell u exactly where i got mine


darthv723574d ago

Seeing as there wasn't much advertising for LBP and Res2 it is no surprise that KZ2 will outshine both of those titles. Sony said they were going to market this game heavily....I have yet to really see that effort.

No doubt it will sell but I am guessing only to the hardcore who have been all over this game since it was announced.

Will it sell systems? That is a good question to have answered and soon we will find out.

cayal3574d ago

I am curious to see if this tops MGS4.

doG_beLIEfs3574d ago

I have seen the KZ2 com. many times. I was watching WWE Raw (which I normally do not watch) and it was on at least 6 times during the 2 hour program. I also saw it on ESPN and one other channel which at the moment I cannot recall what it was.

Sony should have put in on the bottom of the screen IN GAME GRAPHICS like the EU one did. Too many people will mistake it for CGI and not realize that what they are seeing is REAL.

anyone that wants too....add me


see you online within a few days of friday (have to beat the SPC a few times 1st)

cayal3574d ago

"Sony should have put in on the bottom of the screen IN GAME GRAPHICS like the EU one did. Too many people will mistake it for CGI and not realize that what they are seeing is REAL"

Deception in advertising is not unusual.

I've seen a few Halo Wars advertisements and it features CGI scenes, no gameplay and no mention of it being a RTS. But I guarantee you, people are going to buy it thinking it is a FPS.

eagle213574d ago

just enjoy the game!'s way too many "analysts" on

I've seen ads on MTV, watch a little television sometimes. :)

gta28003574d ago

Well, a major marketing campaign would be nice. It would definitely help Killzone 2 sell a lot in first week sales. However, I would rather trade that for more games any day. The money that was spent on Halo 3's marketing campaign was ridiculous(About 40 million if I remember correctly). I think Sony would rather save that money to bring us more exclusive first party games. So it's all good. Killzone 2 will still do very well in the long run. Even without a huge marketing campaign. Sales might not be huge opening day, but this game will sell well over time.

Powertesties3574d ago

is that Gamestop is not doing a midnight least not in my area. I just called the local Gamestops (yes, two) and it is a no go. Only Resident Evil 5 and Halo Wars.


They said it was because there were not enough pre-orders! GOSH DAM* IT!

KillaManiac3574d ago

I thought my gamestop that I work at wasn't doing a Midnight launch because it only has 10-15 preorders, but it seems it is....

creatchee3574d ago

I'm a little miffed that my Gamestop isn't doing midnight. The guy there said that the numbers he had were comparable to Guitar Hero games (which get midnight releases)...

BkaY3574d ago

going to pick it up in 1 hour..... heeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaa.

have to skip the workout today.... may be for a week....

see you in the warzone... on sat or sun....


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Beg For Mercy3574d ago

i am a lil curious to see if the ps3 faithful is gonna reward sony and guerrilla games for their hard work and effort to make this epic epic game.

TheHater3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

I am getting a copy

GarandShooter3574d ago

I've fully paid for two copies. One for me, and one as a gift to my bro.

Mr PS33574d ago

When i get this Game
Straight into the Campaign
Or spend the First few days on Multiplayer

TheHater3574d ago

Single player first dude

cryymoar3574d ago

nah f*** single player, i need to get on that leader board!

blackbeld3574d ago

No.. Single player for your trophy first.. u will get something for Home :)

Then multipayer!!!!!! With Sniping rifles :)

solidjun53574d ago

I just don't. Although I do think Killzone 2 is going to sell more than what people assume. Damnit, I wish I was in Europe right now to get a copy. Otherwise, I have to wait till friday. :(

HDDVD183574d ago

but why would SONY contact a banned website that invents numbers from fly
also their ps3 sales numbers are curved down by a million atleast

ofcourse it is FAKE. why would SONY contact a banned website like VG

JD_Shadow3574d ago

I don't know if I'm reading this right...

...but I DO think that HDDVD18 thinks this story is fake and that VG Chartz is banned.

Just this hunch I have from reading his comments.