Killzone 2 Footage: Nowhere Near the E3 2005 Demo says Gamedaily

The guys at Gamedaily had the opportunity to watch a brand new trailer of the ubber hyped Killzone 2 for the Playstation 3 which featured real In-Game footage. Unfortunately, it seems that it failed to impress.

Gamedaily Reports:

"Before we exited, we were teased with a brand new Killzone video, which looked nowhere near the level of the CG video shown at E32005, but it did look quite good, probably visually on par with some of what we've seen in the Metal Gear Solid 4 trailers. Harrison said that more will be shown at this year's E3."

However Sony's Phil Harrison explained that it was only a tech demonstration of PlayStation 3 tools used to make games.

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ReconHope6055d ago

i liked the way you capitalized the nowhere near. Real professional catcher.

ReconHope6055d ago (Edited 6055d ago )

still be satisfied with graphics on par with mgs4 because they look great.

Joe6055d ago

Looking at the MGS4 trailers, I would have to say that MGS4 is on par with Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2(GRAW2). Therefore, Killzone 2 is on par with GRAW2.

Man, I hate to be the developers of Killzone 2 right now... Another game that over promises and under delivers.

Antan6055d ago

Well harrison said what was shown was only a "tech" demo. But i guess come E3, they MUST show the actual game, especially if its to hit fall 2007.

Devastator_oftheweak6055d ago

I wanted to say quickly that before you flame make sure you get the facts about this..Phil Harrison stated that this was a non-finished game, but that they wanted to showcase some of the power of the PS3. Other editors noted that it looked grainy, guess what, its a F'ing W.O.P (work in progress) for the slow.

Im out

PS3n3606055d ago

I think its WIP not WOP for the even slower POS3rs

PureGamer6055d ago

considering they have already said the trailer was for the engine being shown, i dont know why they are moaning -.- this trailer wasnt made to see the graphics.

Grown Folks Talk6055d ago

sony fans from badmouthing the halo 3 alpha build. who cares anyway? we can't see it and judge for ourselves. soon enough we will all know the truth.