Perry: PSP 2 is Real, Could Hit This Fall

Kotaku: "The a UMD-free Playstation Portable 2 is indeed real and could hit as early as this fall, David Perry, chief creative officer at Acclaim, told Kotaku today.

"I spoke to a developer who is working on it right now," he said. "I know this developer is already working on it, so that means they have a prototype. That would sound like a fall release to me."

Perry said he is excited about the news.

"I've been pounding on Sony for a long time to make the Playstation Portable relevant and not to let Apple stroll away with the portable game market," he said. "Look at what Apple is doing now. Why are so many investors investing in Apple game development? Trying to pitch a PSP game to investors right now is brutal."

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Rob0g0rilla3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

This is crazy. I didn't think we would have a gaming device like this so soon if it comes out Fall. It does make sense though. Kills used game sells market and Sony makes more money off of the games I guess. I like the idea that there isn't a UMD. The device could be thinner, longer battery life, and it could be cheaper to make.

gaffyh3548d ago

Somehow I don't see PSP2 coming out this year. Too early, personally I think they will phase PS2 out first.

phosphor1123547d ago

And they are trying to confirm this with a guy from Acclaim? When was the last time they release a game? Let alone a good one. I'd rather wait to hear it from a Sony rep.

yoshiroaka3547d ago

I think maybe this new psp is being misbranded by assuming people as a 'psp2' but in reality it may just be a very different psp.
If the rumors of a touch screen are true then it may just be that when a developer says that they are working on a game for 'psp2', it may really mean that they are working on a psp game with optional touch screen support (like how sixaxis is optional for ps3)and that older psps can play the game but not have the touch screen support.

It really is too early for a psp2. The psp1 has only now begun to gain a little momentum. Next year maybe.

Danja3547d ago

The PSP2 will probably be announced at E3 , but it sure as hell wont be coming out this fall..the PSP is still quite relevant is still selling really well..

next year fall is more likely launch time..

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castdreams3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

But I seriously doubt it will be launching this fall. It might be announced this fall, but I would think it more probable that Sony announce it at E3 next year and launch it next fall. I don't think Sony would dare launch the PSP2 without a killer lineup, and most of their big franchises are already slated to be released on the PSP this year, so the PSP2 would pretty much be left with table scraps if it did launch this year :/

DeadlyFire3546d ago

Indeed, but its more likely that they would announce it at E3 this year than wait. Its just too much spreading around about the PSP2. Sony has given away that it will appear at E3 this year. Launching in 2010 at the earliest. PSP will stay alive for 5 more years. Sony's 10/5 year plan for its consoles. PSP born in 2005 and production dies in 2015.

pwnsause3548d ago

i can see them announcing it at E3, but seriously, not launching it in the fall. It wouldnt make sense, there are no games announced for it yet, heck no support for it yet.

TheMART3548d ago

Yeah that sounds logical: to announce games for the PSP2 while the hardware itself isn't officially announced :S

Behind the scenes the games could be made and a total package, of PSP2 and upcoming games in fall could be announced @ E3...

Johandevries3547d ago

Maybe upcoming games like Assasins Creed or Killzone: Retribution 2 and maybe a new portable GTA (nobody cares about Chinatown Wars anyway) will be showed off at the E3, and hopefully they are being developed for new PSP2 hardware. PSP hardware sucks anyway, after four years change is needed.

Xandet3548d ago

I've been holding out to get a PSP until Kingdom Hearts: BBS, or at least Dissidia releases in the states. Chains of Olympus and Crisis Core have been tempting PSP-sellers, but an improved "PSP2" is the perfect reason to finally become a member of the PSP family. But please, make it with TWO thumbsticks!

TOSgamer3548d ago

I highly doubt it will come out this Fall or be umdless. I mean honestly they expect to sell every game via download. I don't think it will fly.

Jihaad_cpt3548d ago

It definately won't be without UMD, lots of markets in developing countries would be shut out as not everyone has access to download games. I think that idiot running his moth should shut up. It's Acclaim for goodness sake not Sony

nycredude3547d ago

Yeah agree it would be stupid to make it umdless as millions and million of owners who purchased umd games and movies would get shafted. Also not everyone has good internet.

XxSpiiKeZxX3547d ago

if games are only available for download then that is the number one pirate..u see so many devs were lost due to this issue i mean with custom firmwire i can get any game i want for free...i know its upsetting the devs but u cant stop pple from stealing knowing u wont get caught...i think they shiuld have a way where the psp2 is impossible to crack but have tghe features we love bout custom firmwire like ur own custom themes without having to have CMXB...
some other things they would need:
-2 thumbsticks (this will increase FPS for psp)
-Touch screen (its 09 and technology is advanced now they have no choice Ds and iphone has it)
-FAst Internet (i wish they could strike a deal with firefox and with touch screen it will make a cool difference)
-PC like: u know something like a windows mobile OS where u can do a lot
and there are more much more

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