All Hail the Overlord

IGN goes on the rampage with the creators of Overlord, a game that's really bad to the bone.

Someone up at Codemasters is clearly out to get the whole of the British gaming public into serious trouble. If the UK publisher had its way we'd be forced to over-run villages, crush much-needed crops and even spit in the face of peasants. Well, perhaps not that last one, but it certainly wants us to act in a very naughty way. Thing is, if there were no repercussions for your actions - no fines, jail sentences or ASBOs - some of us probably would.

If you're one of the unruly mob rubbing their hands at the prospect of causing havoc then Overlord will be right up your street. Playing as the maniacal Dark Lord, you're the bad guy who tells goblins to go on a rampage and causes untold nastiness on innocent villagers. It's the polar opposite of most RPGs and is all the better for it.

Ahead of the game's summer release IGN offered their allegiance to executive producer Kevin Mullard, along with design lead and director Lennart Sas, to find out just how bad the game is going to be...

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HaKeRsCanRotINHEL5804d ago

game makes me smile, an crooked evil smile. Muhahahahahaha! ]:~]>

Villages to burn, Villagers to smite. The possibilities are endless.

So many awesome games, so little money. DAMN!

Rasputin20115804d ago

Personally I love to spit in the faces of peasants and this game is going to mean allot of sleepless night for me.