Playstation 3 Hard Drive Decrypted

Hackers have managed to decrypt the Playstation 3 HDD! This time it was done on a RETAIL PS3 instead of debug. More information (technical) available at link.


Tutorial online here:

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BGDad3522d ago

Seriously its to late for piracy on Ps3. Thats one thing if piracy doesnt catch on it generally doesnt get enough underground members to keep it alive..

Wishful thinking though.

Not really sure whats the point of cracking even for homebrew as sony added pretty much everything.

Chaoticsoulx3522d ago

You wasted 2 years of your life on something you'll never figure out. Good luck anyway, you're going to need it, nobody can crack this stuff.

Just so people know, this find means absolutely nothing.

TheMART3522d ago


Every console has been hacked up till now. Everything gets hacked over time.

I bet the only thing that kept it off the PS3 is that Linux can be installed out of the box within the safe environment. One reason less for hackers to get the PS3 hacked.

But it gets hacked in the end, it just takes a bit longer.

Major_Tom3522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )

I see where you're going with your comment, however I'd just like to add it takes a lot of time and investments to burn through 25GB/50GB blu-ray discs and downloading the games etc, etc.

We definitely won't see an out break of people modding their PS3's. I personally know four individuals who have their Xbox 360 modded.

AuToFiRE3522d ago

you say it cant be broken, i say it can, as long as there is a will, there is a way, if it can be used it can be cracked, simple as that

Mindboggle3522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )

LOL this means nothing....Just face it noone wants the PS3 cracked and noone got the time, money or enthusiasm to burn 50gb blu ray discs.

And look at the retards in the comment box on the site who are begging for the PS3 to be cracked so they run they're crappy pirated games and homebrew on it. Pathetic...

Foxgod3522d ago

ever heard of iso loaders ?
On an 80 gig hd you could plant 4/5 games, and play them directly from the hd.

nothing has to be burned then.

PirateThom3522d ago

You still have to download the games though and then transfer them, which is just as big a pain.

Kushan3522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )

On my connection, it would only take about 4 or 5 hours to download a 25Gb disk - and that's on a bad day. I think many people would happily wait 10 times as long if it meant getting something for free.

Still - I want the PS3 hacked, but not for piracy. Look at what XBMC did for the original xbox, it turned a basic computer into one of the best media centre boxes on the planet (even by today's standard, albeit without HD playback), imagine what the PS3 could do.

reaferfore203522d ago

Yeah pirating games would be a figgin hassle, but homebrew would be awesome.

vhero3522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )

probably means free PSN games though... as with this cracked you could in theory transfer game keys..

Kushan3522d ago

I don't know, vhero, they've managed to dump even the NAND of a 360, but so far the only thing they've been able to reliably hack are the DVD-Rom drives in the console itself. It's still impossible to pirate DLC on the 360 and assuming Sony's security is at a similar level, I would expect the PS3 to be the same.

PAPERCHASER03963522d ago

A lot of the people commenting on the Ps3 such as Kushan and others don't want the Ps3 cracked because of the pirating of the games... their main objective is to be able to say " I told you the Ps3 is hackable and it's garbage" Every one of these guys have negative comments toward the ps3 check em out.

Sitdown3522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )

Your name could not be more true...lets look at your comments. Ready? Here we go..

"Just face it noone wants the PS3 cracked...and look at the retards in the comment box on the site who are begging for the PS3 to be cracked so they run they're crappy pirated games and homebrew on it. Pathetic..." say "noone wants the ps3 cracked", but then turn around and give a shout out to the "retards" who are "begging for the ps3 to be cracked". Inconsistent?

Kushan3522d ago

Hey PAPERCHASER0396, did you read the comment I posted directly above yours? You know, the one where I was completely impartial to both systems?

zag3522d ago

This isn't exactly new stuff you can pull the PS3 HD out put it onto a Linux distro and you can read the file system.

The PS3 uses Linux for it's file system handling.

As for pirating the games sure looking at the file system is 1 thing.

You also need to have some sort of boot loader or boot up burnt blu-ray disk thing happening as well.

A lot of the older games are around 10-15gig and heavenly sword PS3 only games are around 25+ gig in size.

It takes ages because only 2-3 people are ever really interested in downloading something that size, and if it's from a private tracker you'll need to upload that amount before you could do anything else, which is damn hard if no one isn't interested in downloading it after you or you have 2-3 people fighting to upload to 1 person downloading the file.

Currently the burnt games don't work on DVD, and I don't think Blu-Ray brunt games work either as I've never seen anyone say that it works.

Overall pure PS3 games are pointless to copy and multi plat games are smaller than pure PS3 games by heaps of gigs but they also don't work either.

really this isn't a hack at all.

hay3522d ago

I would love to see some homebrew love on PS3. PSP homebrews are siply amazing, it's a shame that piracy is dealing a heavy blow to it though.
In-game screencapture for all games, custom soundtracks, emulators and other great stuff would be at a tip of a hand.

PAPERCHASER03963522d ago

I apologize your name should be retracted from my statement

Nicolator3522d ago

Do u know what a hacker really is... ? from ur statement u have not clue, So far a tech is in their reach (ps3 xbox360 ) its a test to them and they would crack it no matter how hard it is they will just give it time and u would see what wil happen .. anything is possible.. so dont sit in dream land thinking its not ..

Morrissey3522d ago

It's "no one" not "noone" unless you're talking about Peter Noone

Mindboggle3522d ago

What will an iso loader achieve ?? You will have to download the 50gb game which would take ages...And then you need a storage device that can hold 50gb...Which are'nt cheap. Its just a big unessecary hassle.

And I know for a fact that alot of peoples internet in the UK are capped to 40gb a month..even on 8mb and 16gb tarrifs, and if you go over that limit you can be fined and blocked until the end of the month and then have your speed reduced. So even if iso loaders do become reality it will be totally impossible for alot people.

It would work cheaper to buy the game...Most games if you wait a week or so come down to about £20 so whats the point in this. They are just wasting their time.

silvacrest3522d ago

you seem to not understand that hacking the PS3 wont just lead to piracy
but also HOMEBREW

google psp homebrew if you dont know what im talking about

DominusRebellis3522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )

Who cares about homebrew. Why spend $400+ on a machine just to play crappy games and/or custom apps? Waste of time and if this were to happen, I hope Sony blocks all those PS3 from PSN and requires mandatory updates which will counteract the hack. The PS3 is great just the way it is, there is no need to hack. If you want to hack something then buy a crap box and leave the PS3 alone. OF all the time spent trying to hack the PS3, these idiot low-life hackers could have done something more productive like get into shape or work and make money. I have no respect for scumbag hackers and their dishonesty. F%*$ them!

Silly gameAr3522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )

You have to be one of those retards for the G4 forums. Go back there and act like a simple tard and let grown folks talk.

Sorry. That was to that Mindboggle kid.

Arnon3521d ago (Edited 3521d ago )

"And then you need a storage device that can hold 50gb...Which are'nt cheap."

Rofl, seriously?

Western Digital Element 1TERABYTE 3.5" Black External Hard Drive - Retail:


----------------------------- ------------------------------ - -------

Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 ST3500418AS 500GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive - OEM




Just an example to how wrong you really are about the price of HDD's. You must think it's 1999 or something. Or you're trying to make your point seem very logical.

DominusRebellis3521d ago


Correct me if I'm wrong but those aren't 2.5" SATA drives that can be installed into the PS3. Who wants a chunky external hard drive attached to their PS3?

Arnon3521d ago

Browse it yourself. I never said that these are the ones to use. I simply stated that buying a HDD with 50GB is like going and buying a pack of batteries now.

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Chaoticsoulx3522d ago

The ps3's programmers are top of the industry, i wish them luck, because they have no chance in hell of hacking the ps3 in the next 3 years anyway, and after that it's meaningless.

TheMART3522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )


The PS1 and PS2 were also made by idiots as it was hacked very soon.

So where did you get your knowledge that there is no change of hacking the PS3 in the next 3 years? Your crystal ball that you haven't cleaned in a decade?

@ Major_Tom

Who says there won't be an outbreak on the PS3 about modding? As soon as there is an easy way, the outbreak will be there.

Who says it will be hacked on HDD level? It might get a drive hack on the BluRay as the 360 has on the DVD drive. Thats why you know 4 people that have hacked their console. Its an easy modding way made possible by programs/apps made by hackers.

As soon as the PS3 has a hack and its made easy by an app released by hackers you'll see it'll spread like wildfire. Just look at the PS2...

Oh and about downloading the games, the BluRay isn't filled up for 100% on all games. Furthermore in modern countries 20Mbit connections is normal. Overhere its 20Mbit for 20 Euro a month. Even a full BluRay ain't a problem then. Burning them: a BR disc costs 7 Euro or so. A burner is expensive around 200 Euro, but with 5 to 6 PS3 games one would have 'earned back' their 'costs' compared to buying the original game.

zag3522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )

PS1/2 weren't really hacked though, people simply put a chip onto the disk detector/boot up detector and simply made it look like a proper disk had been inserted.

I take it the Cell probably handles all this itself or via software then uses cell to check the disk or the blu-ray drive is checking the disk out itself thus you can't really chip the console but the drive would need to be chipped.

The 360 is the same deal as the PS1/2 as well.

As for downloading files well you can only download a file as fast as the server or what other people will send stuff to you at, so you might have a 20mbit connection 2 download download speeds but if the other side is only sending you 20kb of data well you'll only download at 20kb not 2meg.

People forget that important fact.

The if the PS3 is as above then you'd need a bit more than simply looking at circuit boards to chip the PS3.

TheMART3522d ago

Zag, have you ever heard of newservers/payservers? Those download @ your max speed of the connection. So with a 20Mbit connection one downloads with 20Mbit...

freshkid13522d ago

can't you guys spend your time on more important stuff god these people have to much time on there hands

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