Previews: Super Paper Mario

E3 2006 revealed several new Mario adventures, but it was Super Mario Galaxy that got all the press, what with the Wii hype and all. Meanwhile, the company quietly let slip word of something called Super Paper Mario, which promptly found itself whisked under the rug along with everything else for GameCube. And there it stayed for nearly a year, missing its original release date without a word, leaving fans to speculate whether it had been cancelled, moved to Wii, or would be arriving in its original GameCube form. And even after word arrived that it would be showing up on Wii, Nintendo remained silent on the topic.
But you can't keep a good game down, and Super Paper Mario finally showed up in public today on the show floor of GDC 2007 where localizer Erik Petersen gave Game Informer an enthusiastic demonstration of what the game will have in store when it arrives next month.

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