WhatIfGaming: Afro Samurai Review: Ouch. That Hurt

WhatIfGaming writes: "Afro Samurai is a great ninja game, but essentially one with problems ranging from missing storyline to unbelievable characters. In Afro Samurai, important characters are briefly introduced then rehashed into the sub-plot. The reason we call it a sub-plot is that it's the only thing happening in Afro Samurai. You meet people, you do missions, and essentially slice up bad guys for no clear reason. It's a bit disheartening to see a title with such a cool box art, and amazing visuals take such a bad plunge into another game with absolutely no bound of sunscald vision. Some levels take place in Afro Samurai's past, but it's hard to tell. Ever watch LOST? It's like the cutscenes back to the island minus the context."

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Raz3548d ago

The demo was cool until the characters started talking.

I love that Dave Chappelle and Sammy J. are in it - but damn...where's the story? Where's the plot? Where's the dialogue? It's like playing a cartoon with the audio cut out, and all you can access is the DVD commentary.

I love the game engine, very intuitive...but once again devs think they can throw celebrities or cool graphics at a game and completely neglect the writing.