Interview:Reservoir Dogs

Quentin Tarantino's violent silver screen classic Reservoir Dogs is shortly to bring its bank heist malarkey to the videogame party in full-on ear slicing glory. Reservoir Dogs, the game, is being developed by Volatile Games for PC, PS2 and Xbox and is due this September.

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The Strange, Bloody Story of How Reservoir Dogs the Game Was Made

Blitz Games and Volatile Games poured their hearts into making Reservoir Dogs the game in 2006, and it's actually kind of a strange (and bloody) story.

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TheProfessional1738d ago

Lots of interesting info in this article.I played Reservoir Dogs when it first came out, it was flawed but had some really good levels and shootouts. Like a good B action movie video game.

AK911738d ago

It wasn't a great game by any means but the writing and voice acting was surprisingly very good at the time. I got it as a rental and honestly enjoyed it quite a bit.


Reservoir Dogs is Being Made into a Game... Again

Big Star Games teams up with Lionsgate to take another swing at a Reservoir Dogs game. Find all the details here.

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Videogames and the Oscars Part II

gamrReview's Xavier Griffiths: "We continue with our article series examining the outcome of videogames based on Oscar nominated films by looking at those tie-ins produced by the videogame industry after its revival (and despite E.T.'s best attempts to kill it)."

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