Gamekult reviews Killzone 2

A maximum game score is a 9 on this site. (not 10)

Killzone got an 8 and have the "gamekult selection " badge which is mean : 8.5

The rating is 8.5/9

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Alymon3548d ago

Any site with a score cap of 9 instead of 10 doesn't deserve to be posted here.

That's just lame. And what is this "it got an 8/9 but a gamekult badge so it's really an 8.5"? Talk about a confusing rating system.

89% if it's an 8 of 9, 94% if it's an 8.5 of 9.

Why not just say 8.9 of 10 or 9.4 of 10? Or why not say 89% then?

/end rant

SasanovaS7773548d ago

dude...their numbers might actually stand for if they have 9 different categories they rate the game on...even so, whatever site you use, just divide the numbers to get the actual score out of 10 you noob

Jerk1203548d ago

It doesn't matter what grade they gave it. Bottom line is that this game is a SOTY.

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The story is too old to be commented.