Sins of a Solar Empire: Entrenchment Expansion Launches

Big Download reports that the expansion to Stardock's hit RTS, "Sins of a Solar Empire", named "Entrenchment" launched today.

"It look a little longer that first anticipated but today developer Ironclad Games and publisher Stardock have finally released the first of three planned "micro-expansions" for their best selling 2008 space strategy game Sins of a Solar Empire. The expansion, titled, Entrenchment, is available exclusively via digital download from Stardock's Impulse service for $9.99"

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Gun_Senshi3575d ago

The best RTS there is right now. (Sorry Empire: Total War)

IrishAssa3575d ago

Really? I find it a bit boring and prefare Medieval 2 to this, demo of empire was ok

ThanatosDMC3575d ago

I like Rome: Total War, better... but on Steam i cant use the Tilde (~) key on my tablet. Which sucks cuz money is needed... to keep making cavalry units.

IrishAssa3574d ago

Everyone seems to prefere Rome TW abd I still havn't played it , must play it