New FPS Controller For PS3

Digital Battle reports: "First person shooters are popular on pretty much every platform, but PC gamers have always claimed that the mouse and keyboard combination are ideal for the FPS gaming control scheme. Having played the games on both the PC and consoles I would tend to agree.

A new peripheral for the PS3 is being released in ninety days that'll allow console gamers to achieve a slice of that pinpoint accuracy. It's actually two controllers, and unfortunately for any lefties it's obviously designed only for right handed gamers as the buttons on the mouse are located on the left side for easy thumb access. The other controller is a bit like a Wiimote, with its own analog stick and d-pad."

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TIKUP3522d ago

also does anyone know if this is coming to the UK???

lokiroo4203522d ago

The internet is in the UK.

FrankenLife3522d ago

It depends on how well it works. I have the Splitfish FragFX that I use for CoD. It works alright for the KZ2 demo. If this controller works really well with KZ2 then I'll totally get it.

TOO PAWNED3522d ago

If consoles in future abandon current console controls and go for wii gimmicks, than i will quit consoles and go back to PC!
I don't want to play with that crap

GameGambits3522d ago

The big thing about this controller is that it's almost a cheat for a game like Killzone 2. Why?

The controller comes with the ability to extremely jack up sensetivies. If you could crank that sensitivity past the max amount even the game is limited too, then you are cheating. Plain and simple. You are using a third party device to make yourself faster than anyone else in a game can.

If this however just stays within the confides of sensitivity allotted to the DualShock/Sixaxis then it only will help those who find this a more comfortable way for them to play.

Even in a twitchy shooter like COD or Resistance, if you can turn way faster than someone because a controller you are using over rides what the games max sensitivity is, then you are cheating.

ViceKingz3522d ago

i have the splitfish one for the ps3, and it absolutely sucks with R2, but i've heard good things about it being used with COD4

Simon_Brezhnev3522d ago

Vice your right i had splitfish for Resistance 2 it sucked real bad den i tried it on fear 2 demo and it was still horrible i just got rid of it all together i wish they would give pc gamers an option and let us use mouse and keyboard on ps3 games

ViceKingz3522d ago

yeah it was very boxy with R2, aiming and mouse movement werent precise enough

Ghoul3522d ago

i totally hate fragfx user and such.

play fair - learn to aim - use the controller

sorry but for me a fragfx is some sort of cheating on a hardware basis.

IdleLeeSiuLung3522d ago

I completely agree with zlatko above and that was the first thing that came to my mind.

Gaming is supposed to be fun and it needs to be on an even field, especially for those that already isn't spending massive amount of time getting good. Putting out peripherals like this might just turn the tide and make games less fun to play for the masses and cater to the hardcore of the hardcore gamers.

Raf1k13521d ago

the thing is, id love to have a controller like this for my fps games (as long as it works well that is)

i have to admit, as a mainly PC guy, i am kinda getting used to playing fps games on my ps3. the only problem i have is my left thumb cant make proper circular motions :( (total pain in the arse in sf4 btw)

Mindboggle3521d ago

Sorry to bring this up but...Im not fussed with all this rubbish about how the dualshock isnt good for FPS. I beg to differ. I used to have a 360 controller with COD4 and the analogue sensitivity is awkward and its very hard to get precise shots quickly. I also remember when trying to change perks I would always be hitting the wrong bit of the d-pad. Its almots like a cross between an analogue and a d-pad that doesnt function properly.

For me the only thing the 360 controller has got going for it the really great shape, and it just moulds in your hands, it feels really good but doesnt play all that good.

And mouse and keyboard doesnt suit me either, as unless your sat at a computer desk its just awkwurd. I tried the fragfx and thought it just didnt work.

The dualshock 3 is good for FPS and noone needs these third party controllers.

Voiceofreason3521d ago (Edited 3521d ago )

Compared to Mouse Keyboard it doesnt matter who makes the controller or what console it is on, they pretty much suck for the most part. So not sure why you even thought bringing MS up as sucking as well was any kind of valid point.

The only thing close on console at this time to ms/KB is the Wii remote not the PS3 controller.

vhero3521d ago

as dumb as it looks this is one thing you cant get on 360 which is another reason to own a PS3 and the people on here complaining I notice are mostly MS fanboys bar a few who really don't like how about if you got a problem with Sony stay away from PS3 section? Other than that if it works well I can sell these selling like hotcakes as hardcore FPS players will do anything to get that little bit more edge.

XLiveGamer3521d ago

Good one from Sony. I like it but its like always not everybody have the same taste. The only negative thing i see its that you need to be gaming in a desk to enjoy this but for me that have 3 LCD 26" 1080p Screens, X360 & a PC: i7 Extreme with a 55nm GTX 260 and a space reserved for another console in 2010 its all right! No doubt this its going to be possible on PC. GREAT!

CyberCam3521d ago (Edited 3521d ago )

and I LOVE IT! I use it for COD4, R:FOM & R2, Socom:Conf etc. With a regular PS3 controller I'm slightly above average, but with the FragFX I'm GOD LIKE and that's not an exaggeration! To me, it's actually better than a mouse & keyboard and that's saying a lot, since I've been a PC FPS/TPS since the late 80's.

Those who have owned one, need to play with the settings to get the right feel. Trust me when I say that when you get that perfect feel, your gaming experience will increase ten fold!

I'm definitely getting this one as well, this way I don't have to sit so close to the TV any longer.

FrankenLife3521d ago

I don't feel comfortable playing fps with a ds3. the stick just don't agree with me. I learned with a mouse. Used a mouse for years before the playstation ever came along. For me it is more of comfort thing. Even though it is clunky with R2, I still use it for comfort. Yes you can crank the sensitivity above the game settings but it doesn't work real well. the screen stutters and skips. So I'm not cheating in that sense. It does help me aim. But again it is for comfort. Even though it doesn't work real well with KZ2, I'll still use it.

Delive3521d ago

from the comments. It's not cheating if you prefer this scheme and play the campaign, right? Either way, I see it like this, the PS2 controller was better for FPS shooters to me. The buttons and sticks were stiffer, providing more resistance. The PS3 controllers are loose and over sensitive. I have a USB to PS2 adapter and played the KZ2 demo with it and it was a lot more precise. I plan to use this when it comes out and I will be online. Not saying I'm a god or anything, before that gets taken out of context. With that said, is this considered cheating? I'm not using a PS3 controller, but one that I feel helps me to be better. At the same time, it's still a PS controller.

kparks3521d ago

i'm all ready crippled by a 1 sec leg on my crappy internet.. I never have more then one bar connection on call of duty!!! don't sound like much but when you have to shoot in front of people to hit them its really F'd UP and when you getting killed by people before you even see them come around the corner sucks. But i keep my 1to1KDR so i'm still kinda happy and i get over it. on topic i like and will stick to the ds3 most likely

madpuppy3521d ago

I probably wouldn't have bought it anyway but, it sucks that there is no LH version...

Cicinho3521d ago

Are you serious? They are hardly going to abandon current controls, simply giving people a choice. All the gimps cry "ooh i cant play fps with a controller because i am geek" well now they can play with their geek tools.

JsonHenry3521d ago

GIMME GIMME GIMME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ia_studio3521d ago

I always rather play fps on a pc (bioshock cod4) but if this thing actually exist I will buy it to play kz2 and for real kick some ass in the multiplayer

Raz3521d ago

I can't even picture how I'm supposed to use these stupid things - looks a hell of a lot harder than using a DualShock. I should be messing with a PS3mote while I try and move a mouse around simultaneously? How does that improve my accuracy?

This has 'Hey, Wii and PC users, come try me' written all over it. I seriously doubt the majority of the PSN community is going to go for 'em.

I know I'm not. But if you wanna improve your FPS skills - grab a pair of FPSFreek add-ons for the sticks. Now there's a practical accessory...

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Vitalogy3522d ago

I still rather use the mouse and keyboard instead.

madpuppy3521d ago

A mouse/KB is really the way to go over this.

IcarusOne3521d ago

Depending on the reviews, I'll definitely check this sucker out. I hate the dualshock for FPS.

theEnemy3521d ago

it's up to the devs if they want to fully support the KB and mouse on their game on the PS3.

U3 did that.

Main problem about this and the FragFX is the mouse itself. It's sensitivity is the main con. But if you got comfortable with that, then it's like using a PC mouse on your right hand, and a Nun-chuck on your left. It's not comfortable though (The nun-chuck).