Why Halo Wars Will Be the Least Popular Halo Game

Halo Wars is set to launch on March 3rd. However, the Xbox 360 exclusive isn't getting the same hype and fanfare treatments as the previous Halo titles.

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Dlacy13g3522d ago

Wow...such an insightful article. First off the answer to why SOLEY resides on the fact that its switching genre to a niche genre rather than all the other stuff. Even in the best of times...this game will be second fiddle to the main Halo games. RTS while popular in some circles... pales in comparison to the popularity of top notch shooters...ESPECIALLY on consoles.

Powertesties3522d ago

The game is will millions of copies. They have enough pre-orders to have a midnight launch and Killzone 2 doesn' least in my area.


3522d ago
JokesOnYou3522d ago

because its an RTS on a console.


The Matrix3522d ago

Well obvoiusly it IS going to be the least popular Halo. Think about the type of people that generally play the Halo series. Some of them are hard core gamers but the majority are halo-is-the-only-game-I-play-a ll-I-care-about-are-first-perso n-shooters type of people. They're going to buy the game and be asking, "Why are my people so *(#@ing small?"

Personally I can't wait for Halo Wars and I'm more excited about it than Halo 2 or 3.

IdleLeeSiuLung3522d ago

I tried the demo and this game was surprisingly good for being an RTS on a console and even more so against other console RTS games I tried.

I'm a little surprised at many reports of GS midnight opening for HaloWars, but not or cancelled KZ2 openings. KZ2 is hyped up the wazoo and from what I can tell pre-orders are brisk. Am I missing something here?

JsonHenry3522d ago

Why? Because RTS on consoles should never happen unless there is a mouse involved.

SaiyanFury3521d ago

Yeah it's an RTS trying to capitalize on the HALO name. It'll to fine with RTS fans, but little with FPS fans.

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GWAVE3522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )

It's a pretty straightforward argument. Halo Wars is a spin-off. I'm not calling it a good game. I'm not calling it a bad game. It's a spin-off, and spin-offs never sell as well as the main franchise.

Plus, in these harsh economic times, I doubt Microsoft can afford to send out $1,000 Halo grab bags to all the reviewers....again.

(that last part was sarcasm, just in case you overly-zealous fanboys start going apesh*t on me)

Blademask3522d ago

And judging by the clear reviews.. I'd say they didn't hand them out this time either.

Oddly enough, I've seen more of the RPG game commercials, than Halo wars, cant remember the name. The Tri-Ace one.

darthv723522d ago

ODST is a spin off. Halo wars is actually going back to the original idea that bungie had. Halo started off as a RTS. It was MS that requested it be changed to an fps.

If ms hadnt bought bungie then halo might still have been an rts series and available for the mac as well.

Elven63522d ago

Blademask are you seriously so naieve to think companies will send out grab bags? Especially first party developers?

GWAVE3522d ago


Get with the times. Microsoft sent out "goodie bags" to Halo 3 reviewers at the end of 2007. This isn't the first time they've done it. Another recent example was when they sent out free "reviewing laptops" to review outlets when Vista was just coming out.

You may love the 360, but don't defend Microsoft's shady business practices.

Elven63522d ago

You still haven't provided any proof of a first party sending out what is essentially bribes in return for reviews. In the specific example you like to give, Halo 3.

And when did I mention the 360? I'm talking about first parties in general, leave your fanboyism in the open zone please. Regarding laptops, one's that they could keep? I've been sent stuff by a few tech companies and so have a few of my friends, in all cases we had to return them after reviewing them.

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Cajun Chicken3522d ago

Well for a isn't developed by Bungie and isn't a FPS!

ALL_STAR_283522d ago

Because its an RTS and not an FPS...

bassturd3522d ago

exactly what I was thinking when I read the title. What a redundant article.

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