The Top 5 RPG's of This Generation So Far Presents: The Top 5 RPG's of this Generation so far.

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omodis4203523d ago

Word. Folklore kicks ass too.

brycespitler3523d ago

you dislike folklore colbert

you always say there are only 2 games on the ps3 that are worth it

someone needs to learn how to give fair chances to good games

PS360WII3523d ago

Folklore is really a good game I just don't consider an RPG at all.

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GWAVE3523d ago

If that's the best this generation has to offer, that's pathetic. The list completely ignored the glut of amazing RPGs that have come out on the handhelds (if you're an RPG gamer, get a handheld). The only game I truly enjoyed on that list was Valkyria Chronicles (well, Star Ocean isn't out yet, but it looks like I'm going to pass on it). All the other games were either okay or just plain bad.

omodis4203523d ago

Handhelds may have some good RPG's, but they look last gen.

GWAVE3523d ago


So graphics make an RPG good? Huh. And here I thought that innovating the battle system or putting in a good story was the way to make an RPG stand out from the seething mass of mediocre RPGs on the market...

R_19933523d ago

I have to agree with you there. The majority of the better RPGs are coming out on the DS/PSP. Chrono Trigger, Dragon Quest (IV + V) and the 2 star oceans on PSP are all really good.

If anyone hasn't picked them up, go get 'em.

slayorofgods3523d ago

Personally I'd rank Elder Scrolls 4 as the top RPG this generation with Berthed Studios poised to take the king of rpg's away from SE. I'd still put Valkeria Chronicles up there in second place especially because it is a surprise hit made from Sega. I'll have to play entenal sonata it looks like it could be good as well. But I'd have to say that jrpg's have (for the most part) been suffering this generation. SE has made some of its worst games so I wouldn't put Star Ocean in the top 5 just because it is average as opposed to terrible. SE is also one of the last big game producers to make the jump and start programming games for the ps3, this is further proof they are behind the curb the generation.

JOEdANGEL3523d ago

It bears mentioning that all the titles you listed are remakes. Yes they're good games but they're remakes. The World Ends With You could have contended for one of those spots though.

Da One3523d ago

THE 360 and PS3 jrpg's are well not as good in comparison, Valkryia Chronicles, Star Ocean 4, Eternal Sonata and Disgaea 3 are good, but come on the DS and PSP have titles that blow anything the 360 and PS3 have combined...................... .........

Millah3523d ago

And then Suikoden Tierkreis will come out in a few weeks and blow every other RPG this gen away xD

cyrus2283523d ago

valkyria was amazing, and um dont miss star ocean its amazing aswell ive been playyin it since monday ;p

incogneato3523d ago

pathetic indeed. the only good one is Valkyria Chronicles. RPGs are a joke this gen. the last great RPGs were on the ps1.

Myze3523d ago (Edited 3523d ago )

@1.6 Well, if you include the DS and PSP in this generation with the ps3/360 ones, then it's only fair to include the ps2 RPGs that have come out "this generation." If you do that, Persona 4 is so far ahead of the other JRPGs it's really no contest. That's not to say there haven't been some good ones, even on the next gen systems. VC, LO, Eternal Sonata have all been really good. I haven't played SO4 yet, but it seems like it would at least be worth a play through, even if not amazing. Also, I don't include Folklore. It's a great game, but I wouldn't call it an RPG.

No, there haven't been any instant classic RPGs come out for the ps3/360 yet (unless you include WRPGs, then I would put Fallout 3 there maybe). However, this generation isn't over, and there have been several non-RPGs with great stories, and that's the main reason I love RPGs (MGS4 and Uncharted come to mind as non-RPGs with great stories).

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Zeus Lee3523d ago

I agree with the list,Folklore is very underrated.

Information Minister3523d ago

I agree with this list as well, but I think the title is misleading. It should read "The Top 5 JRPG's of This Generation So Far" (no Mass Effect or Fallout 3?).

Folklore is indeed very underrated and Valkyria Chronicles is a true gem.

solidt123523d ago

Folklore is really good and I think Lost Od should be higher on the list, but Valkyria Chronicles gets number one from me because they did something different and hit it out the park. But I prefer Lost Od.

PS360WII3523d ago

Replace Folklore and Eternal Sonata with The World Ends With You and say Mass Effect and you got yourself a list.

Sonyslave33523d ago

this list fail Folklore are they for real