Professor Reeves On Serious Uses of Complex Games

Professor Byron Reeves has spoken to IncGamers about his idea of putting computer games to better use.

After their recent story about Reeves' hopes to make WoW players more environmentally friendly through in-game penalties or bonuses related to the actual energy consumption in their homes, they contacted him to get a better insight into his idea.

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Maticus3523d ago

I'll be interested to see that paper. If something comes of it I'll be surprised though, such is the way of gaming.

Leord3523d ago

Yeah, I know of lots of "brain games" in the past that never done that well. when you try to have an alternate agenda beyond having fun, things stop working as well. Might not be BAD, but "not as well".

Leord3523d ago

Can this be right? A Professor that is NOT slagging of video games and saying it's the scourge of the universe? *gasp*

Seriously though, it's very nice to see not all people are completely crazy in regards to video gaming.

thetamer3523d ago

I wonder how this would be implemented. it's a bit confusing to say the least.

Dorjan3523d ago

Hmm.. I would still like to see what sort of idea he has of actually implementing such a thing...

Medievaldragon3523d ago

I'm not sure exactly whether the article is about too many people consuming energy globally or somehow helping save the planet by playing WoW. Me are confused.

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