GDC Press Release: Home Beta To Launch in Spring reports:

"Sony has issued a full press release which details the exact nature of Playstation Home (covered previously). More interestingly now they confirm that a closed beta will commence in Spring and a full launch is targetted for later on in the year. There is also a BROAD range of partners involved in the system including third party publishers, unlike Nintendo who have kept everything in-house up until now. Izumi Kawanishi is also touting the concept as a "significant step forward" and citing it will play a role in expanding the future of computer entertainment."

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BubblesDAVERAGE4637d ago

people from each country try it out maybe even

Sphinx4637d ago

They need to make sure this thing is going to work, and work very well.

Siesser4637d ago

I wonder if this will be open to Underground members, like they're game beta-testing works. Hope my membership's still active . . .

Keyser4636d ago

I agree, this has to be spotless when it comes out with no major catastrophes. They should hire eighty people just to organize the feedback frome the Beta testers...