Gamespot: Resistance: Retribution Multiplayer Hands-On

The Resistance series isn't known for taking a modest approach to multiplayer features. When Resistance 2 was released on the PlayStation 3 this past November, the game offered 60-player online matches and a 16-player co-op campaign completely independent from the single-player experience. So how does the upcoming PSP spin-off Resistance: Retribution plan to carry on that legacy? Though the numbers aren't nearly as gargantuan, the fact that developer Sony Bend is aiming to deliver a full-fledged online multiplayer shooter on a portable system is a feat in itself. But add in elements such as a rank and reward system, a control scheme that supports cover and alternate fire, and five unique gameplay modes, and you can tell there's a level of ambition at play here that you don't see in most PSP shooters.

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