Target holds new PS3, Xbox 360 game clearance

Target Corp. stores this month began holding a new game clearance for Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3 and Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360.

Clearance titles include Tomb Raider: Underworld (Xbox 360) at $29.98 from $59.99, Guitar Hero: Aerosmith (Xbox 360) at $19.98 from $39.99, Haze (PS3) at $14.98 from $29.99, and Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf 09 (PS3) at $29.98 from $59.99.

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Voozi3575d ago

Wow Haze is $15 lol...still too much for me lol, when it's $5 I'll get it =P

Blademask3575d ago

Im sure all of the people that didn't buy this game, will now buy it in the millions because TR used to be popular.

barom3575d ago

There have been reports of people seeing HAZE for 7.48$ at Target. Target Clearence prices vary a lot.

Voozi3575d ago

Oh I'll check my Target one day then, I just figured I'd get Haze one day to see whats so bad about the game but I dont feel like spending more then what I'd spend on lunch on something I at least wouldnt get a laugh out of. The way I see it is...for $5-$10, price of a movie ticket to see a comedy, for $5-$10, price of Haze, get some laughs lol

Then again, I'm probably going to forget all about Haze *again* once I get KZ2 friday =D

joydestroy3575d ago

ahahahaha the first thing i noticed was that Haze was 15 bucks too!
i wouldn't buy it for that either. i'd never buy it. someone would have to give it to me and then i couldn't promise i'd play it for all the other good games that are out or are coming out.

funkycoldmedina3575d ago

I bought Haze at Target about one month or so ago for $20.98 clearance/sale red sticker tag. 5GB(?) install later and about 1 hr into the gameplay I felt ripped off. It might be okay for PS2, but for PS3, it just doesn't amaze. I couldn't get into it and I'm pretty forgiving. I paid $10 for Turok at BB and I actually enjoyed it so much more. I haven't touched Haze since. I guess I'm going to have to endure to get my moneys worth since I wouldn't get anything for trading or selling it.

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Comeplaywithme3575d ago

Just picked up Endwar and Spiderman:WoS for $14.98 each. I love Target's video game clearance section, the key is to check it frequently. I live right by one so I always get sweet deals.

Other games I bought on clearance the past few months:

Nba 09 the inside- 9.98
Mlb 08 the show- 14.98
Mercenaries 2-14.98
Fifa 08-7.48
Probably a few more but I can't remember.

Viva la Target!!!!

ThanatosDMC3575d ago

Damn, are you serious?! I bought Web of Shadows for $54.11 in gamestop not too long ago!

Xbots play games3575d ago

Time for Tomb Raider to finally end up in the ol' collection. Wow! You got Pure for 15 dollars? I would have laughed all the way home. Target here I come!

funkycoldmedina3575d ago

I might have to check my local Target later.

GiantEnemyCrab3575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

Screw you Target!! You wouldn't let me buy KZ2 yesterday even when I had the disc in my hand!!!

Daaaammmnnn yous to hell!!!! =)

Voozi3575d ago

Haha they did the same to me when I tried getting Fable 2 CE & LittleBigPlanet, I had both games in my hand, i go to register, and there just happened to be a second lady flipping through her flyer who was on the games page & noticed LBP & Fable II and say the release dates lol, I'm like noooo!! T_T lol

Oh the feeling it is to have a game litterly taken from your hands haha


@Comeplaywithme, EndWar for $15!? Really?? Dang now I really have to check Target out, I always wanted to get the game so I could be like Lelouch from Code Geass lol "Lelouch vi Britannia commands unit 1 to attack blahblah!" (I did this in the demo and it worked lol)

God of Gaming3575d ago

They also had Disney Sing it WITH MIC for the 360 at $19 bucks.... even for one second I did not consider it but others might.

ForROME3575d ago

Haze would need to be free for me to even want to take a look....and even free would be pusshing it........god thats sad when I read that back to myself.........

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