Barack Obama Calls Out Video Games In National Address

Let gamers now accept that America has a President who doesn't just have a Wii, but frequently mentions video games - even during major speeches - and loves to note that they can get in the way of good parenting if played to excess.

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Myst3547d ago

That is true but sometimes it can also be a good means of teaching to a good parent :). For example I'll probably be a gamer well into my old age, if my child loves games and I find one in which it teaches something I would like to explain to him or her, I would sit down and talk to him while playing a game then commence to talking to him or her face to face about it.

Overall, I don't think games get in the way it's just that it seems sometimes people have bad judgment calls when it comes to gaming and parenting (Not to be confusing with saying that parents are bad at it :)). Anyway I'll just say this games can be a very good teaching tool as was used on me back in the day. Get a good grade and I would be able to rent a new game, or by the end of that month buy one (of course paying some of it with my allowance to :)). Being that I have A.D.H.D. and some mild dyslexia from what I'm told, I'd say I turned out fine and Video games were used as a medium for that teaching, just not heavily :). A Good grade then consisted of at least getting a C or higher (being that my family and I didn't know I had mental disorders) After that and after getting some help it was bumped up to B and higher, ever since then I've been trying to achieve A's. Although I don't get anymore games sadly :).

P.S. Sorry for all the errors that are present such as commas and periods, I tried :).

JohnnyMann4203547d ago

I didn't read this....too busy playing videogames.

Myst3547d ago

On the contrary you did, if you saw some of the letters that had formed words in the three paragraphs then that in fact counts as reading. You may not have read it all, but you in fact did read something from it :), and you know I really don't pretty much care. I'm leaving my own personal story, if you didn't want to read it you didn't have to; but what's the point of replying when you stated you didn't read it?

You also said your to busy playing games, well judging from the three comments you have in here, I would say you have wasted some game playing time by choosing to write out various comments, read a few other people's comments to the article and respond. I would just pick one or the other :).

Jotenks3547d ago

Bubbles to you Nuri, nicely put.

Johnnyman why are you even replying to his comment just to say you didn't read it? If you didn't feel like reading an easy few lines of texts that's fine, but to be a jerk pretty much and reply as you have done is over the line. Frankly comments 1.1 and 5.1 Could have been avoided, it's not as if the link had called out to you begging to be clicked.

Hate to do it but really negative bubble, you seem like an intellectual person, but the way in which you convey your mind is appalling.

SiLeNt KNighT3547d ago

yeah this is about the only valid point he brought up last night!

Tempist3547d ago


According to the analyitcal logic that MTV used, Barak also called out; Failure at reading, TV (no shock there), Homework and programs and systems.

He may or may not have also called out on dinner. More indepth research will come up with an answer.

So does the meer mention of 'game' bring about the basis for videogame articles?

Raz3547d ago

Barack hits the nail on the head: if there's a problem, it isn't 'the influence of videogames on children' but the lack of influence of parents.

Kids obsessing over the goggle box? Starting to see some negative behavior patterns? Get off your ass and DO some 'good parenting'. Of course, then parents would actually have to spend time with their kids and pay attention to them; instead of finding ways to 'keep them occupied'. ..Heaven forbid. >_<

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Orange3547d ago

He's right to the extent that all things must be done in moderation. Children don't understand moderation unless parents teach them.

Add to that the fact that children aren't likely to just get bored with video games, especially as engrossing and engaging as they are nowadays, and kids could end up glued to their sofa.

I'm sure everyone on N4G knows when to say when.

Mindboggle3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

LOL thats the first time ive seen you around...Love the username and picture.

Arkrite3547d ago

I dont they supply my broadband and its sh*t

Mindboggle3547d ago

Yeh i know what you mean, i used to be on orange broadband and it was crap. Constant disconnecting and terrible speeds. Avoid it with all costs. Their mobile service is great though.

LeonSKennedy4Life3547d ago

The thing is...movies, tv shows, and books can do the same thing. We all have our addictions.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3547d ago

Before video games everyone blamed movies and music. Hitler and other extreme nutjobs even burned books saying it corrupted minds. Video games are just the latest scapegoat so parents can have someone to blaim when they stop being parents.

Little Johny and his buddy Billy shot up a school because of video games, don't mind that they were social outcast, a target for school bullies, and used drugs. Some parents refuse to accept that every aspect of the childs life they chose to raise is thier responsibility. So when somthing bad happens they need someone to blaim other than themselves.


It's long known that kids will relate to any kind of media it can attach or understand in a situation of bad parenting.

The funny thing is that TV, not videogames, is the number one media in this case. Everyone knows many kids that obviously watch too much TV, that keep trying to immitate it, have phrases or full episodes in their minds. Any pediatrician can tell you that. Even because there is people that can't have a console, but there is a way less that can't afford a TV.

So why games keep playing the guilty one (even being parents the one to really blame)? Probably because is through TV that most of those "complaints" come to us.

LifesABeta3547d ago

Wow, he just mentions it briefly. Its not like hes criticizing the gaming community and it's industry. His main point is, it's not bad to videogame, watch tv, and play outside for awhile but, it's not good at all to devote all your time doing just one of those things. Moderation people. Simple as that.

Not newsworthy at all.

Sean Ryno3547d ago

Video games can be just as damaging as:
-Peer Pressure

But nothing can be nearly as devastating to young impressionable minds as TERRIBLE F***ING PARENTS! I believe that seems to be the "elephant in the corner of the room" when it comes to society today. Meaning that people never want to talk about it with each other. When you see or talk to a parent that you know is not being a good parent, don't be so shy and silent. Speak out. No matter if it causes a conflict. Even if it seems that they aren't listening to you, usually they'll think about it later and that may lead to progress. Say nothing, do nothing, and nothing will change.

BTW - I'm still on the "I'll wait and see. . ." mindset when it comes to Barrack Obama, but I have high hopes.

JohnnyMann4203547d ago

I (and noone else) gives a rats @ss what you think regarding Obama.

This is N4G so the following comment could be left out.."BTW - I'm still on the "I'll wait and see. . ." mindset when it comes to Barrack Obama, but I have high hopes"

Who cares. This is N4G. This is not politcal hour. I could careless of your opinion on if he will do well or not so shut it.

Hey, I voted for the guy, but STFU when it comes to politics here please.

Tarasque3547d ago

Awful jumpy for not caring about a comment, did he hit a nerve or what with you. People can't comment on a political article but everyone should read it and shut up. Well i don't care for Obama much, that's my opinion and i am entitled to it.

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