WoW Patch 3.1: New Looking For Group Tool

A new 'Looking For Group' tool has been added to World of Warcraft in Patch 3.1, as testers have discovered.

World of Warcraft's Patch 3.1 went live on the Public Test Realms yesterday, and several new features that Blizzard did not mention have come to light. Along with new mounts and countless class changes, a revised method of finding group members has been introduced.

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thetamer3523d ago

Awesome! Just as long as it doesn't become a matter of harassment, this is a good idea.

Maticus3523d ago

I don't see how it can be, it can be a hassle sure, but not harassment.

Leord3523d ago

Hassle it can most definitely be though =P

Perhaps he's a narcotic Priest, and thereby received harassment? ;)

Maticus3523d ago

Great news, I'm fed up of people just listing themselves without putting their spec. This will be a huge improvement. The battleground change is splendid news too, the BGs will certainly see an increase in population, and that's nice for my server!

Dorjan3523d ago

OK, that is just awesome. I wish FFXI had that!

Leord3523d ago

Um, it has had several more years than WoW =P

Fyzzu3523d ago

Oh thank God. This is going to make things a lot easier.

Maticus3523d ago

Yeah it's going to make forming a group that much quicker, which is such a bonus.

Medievaldragon3523d ago

totally awesome. I have heard many people complain on the official forums requesting a way to search for a priest, tank or DPS. Sometimes the LFG tool automatically picks a group without a tank. Or with no healer. You end up kicking a person -- which causes people to get mad or /ignore. And that's something to ruins social relationships in a server at long term.

Maticus3523d ago

Yeah I never use the auto-find tool, not after my first experience. But with this new feature it will be possible to automatically make up a group properly now, hopefully!

Leord3523d ago

That's what I said with the Meeting stones, the LFG interface and now this =P

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