Final Fantasy XIII: Will you import?

PR writes: "Final Fantasy XIII has to be one of the most anticipated gaming titles of all time. Just the mention of 'Final Fantasy' brings huge interest, as one the of biggest RPG franchises has a massive following all over the world. For those of you living outside of Japan, Square-Enix has put an April 2010 timeframe on the game. Question is though, can you really wait that long, or are you tempted to import a Japanese version of the game?

North American and especially European gamers are used to getting games later, especially when it comes to titles from video game giants, Square Enix. With an exclusive Final Fantasy XIII demo on the way to Japanese gamers who purchase the Advent Children Complete Blu-Ray, this will only be sure to frustrate fans who are unable to get their hands on it."

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gamfreak3548d ago

the question should be is it good....?
I'll just wait and see how the demo goes.

MasFlowKiller3548d ago

I was actually not impress with the last trailers

the battle system seem outdated and the graphics were absolutely Sh!t and i downloaded the HD version to watch on my HDTV.

but if i head good things from japan them ill consider it

kiraevo3548d ago

Yes, I will buy the import for sure! I might even buy the US version too if the import doesn't have English subtitles.

ThePlaystation3guy3548d ago

I'm already importing the Blu-Ray copy of Advent Children just to play the demo as it is. Let's just hope everyone remembers the Japanese version is a PS3 exclusive, lol.

MrWonderful3548d ago

i have mine pre ordered as well. it better be a damn good demo for $87.

cayal3548d ago

Man, you guys are willing to spend a lot to satisfy your impatience.

SAiOSiN3548d ago

uh, no. i won't even buy the game. the only final fantasies i liked are ffvi and ffvii. i'm a big fan of kingdom hearts though. im looking forward to ffv13 since it's the same dev team as kh, and kh2.

SpoonyRedMage3548d ago

Well you should be looking forward to KH3(for PS3) then and KH 358/2 Days(for the DS) and is it Birth by Sleep for the PSP. They all look good too.

You know since I joined there's been about 8 Square Enix articles a day. Most are about FFXIII and it won't be out for quite a while!

SpoonyRedMage3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

I shall not import, except if it comes out earlier in America and the 360's version's is region. To me it would be pointless unless it has at least English subtitles.

EDIT: I thought the trailer looked fantastic, really good graphics and the combat system looks like just the right mix, FFXII's was too Western Style(much like KOTOR) for my tastes.

dimitry213548d ago

I will have to see how the demo turn out for my $90.30.I may import

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